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Remember the good old shop from home days when the vendors came to your right to your door? I remember the milkman ... the fruit and vegetable guy ... and the bakery guy who brought my favorite spanish cake. There were lots of door to door salesman like the Fuller Brush man and the Britannica encyclopedia salesman ... You don't remember? ... Okay, okay my age is showing here! :0)

I'm not a shopper. I go to town as infrequently as possible. If I've had enough, I'll stop shopping, pay for what I have and go home.

I like shopping from home. Now you can too! I've put together bookkeeping store items that will help you with your bookkeeping and / or your business. All vendors have refund guarantees if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Why leave your home office to shop ... when you can shop from your desk online any time of the day or night.

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Featured Items

eBundle: Month-End Procedure Manual AND Bookkeeping Checklists ($22.50 CAD)

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Paperless Technology 
Guides by Brooks Duncan From $5 USD

I love all of Brooks guides. You can find my reviews of these products here:

Hazel is a webinar on how to automate the filing of your eDocuments. Click on the image for more information.

Paperless Security Guide by Brooks Duncan
Paperless Document Organization Guide by Brooks Duncan
Unofficial Snapscan Setup Guide by Brooks Duncan

Click on any image to purchase ... or for more information.

Learn Basic Bookkeeping
$54 USD

Click here to purchase.

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more details

For Bookkeeping
Business Owners
$47 USD

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30 day money back guarantee.

Paperless Technology Guides
Click on a picture below to go directly to their websites for INSTANT ACCESS

Virtual Bookkeeper Program

2 hour information packed webcast shows you step-by-step the process Gabrielle Fontaine PB used to start her virtual online bookkeeping business in 2003 from scratch, after having to relocate and leave her twelve year old bookkeeping practice behind.

You don't need to recreate the wheel. Gabrielle's map helps you avoid mistakes as you work towards building a home-based profitable bookkeeping business. Click here to read my review and find out what else this program includes. This program is well worth the $77 USD enrolment fee.

Paperless Document Organization Guide for Bookkeepers

Completely revised in 2015. This product makes the transition to paperless less stressful. The guide walks you through step by step how to go paperless. It comes with three service level options. Pricing starts from $15 USD. Read my review here

The Unofficial Scansnap Setup Guide Recommended for Bookkeepers

Completely revised in 2015.  This guide walks you through how to setup your ScanSnap to get you up and running quickly and painlessly in plain English. There is absolutely NO NEED to wade through the hundreds of pages that comes with the Fitjisu scanner! It is available for Windows or Mac platforms. This product comes with 30 day money back guarantee. Pricing starts at $5 USD. Get more details here

Basic Bookkeeping Training

Affordable training courses for the business owner with no financial background.

Do you want to learn more about bookkeeping ... and what it means for your business?

Real Life Accounting
Click one of the course logos to sign-up for the accounting course(s) for non-accountants

For the business owner that has no financial background, these two bookkeeping training courses are provided by Real Life Accounting ... designed for the non-accountant. Both courses are offered online and affordable in terms of time and money.

Four hour online bookkeeping course Heart of Accounting

The HEART of Accounting is 4 hours long. This bookkeeping course gives you an introduction to what you need to know as a business owner for $54US. It includes 100 practice journal entries so you can practice what you have learned and boost your confidence ... you can do this!

Click here to view more details.

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Real Life Accounting for Non-Accountants

Real Life Accounting for Non-Accountants provides more bookkeeping training. It is 20 hours long and self paced. You can take up to one year to do the course and includes a Certificate of Completion.

This bookkeeping course teaches double entry bookkeeping and has a hands on practice session AND a management analysis session ... so you can integrate what you learn. The cost is an affordable $99US.

The Canadian Bookkeeping Association recommends this bookkeeping course to bookkeepers for brushing up on their skills. Click here to view more details.

It is your choice what level of training you want. Taking both online bookkeeping courses is the best value at $123 USD. Click here to view more details. The link will take you to the Accounting for Non-Accountants page. If you scroll down to the bottom, there will be a purchase button. Click on the purchase button and the offer to buy both courses at a savings will show on the pricing schedule.

There is a free introduction to show you how the course is structured ... and determine whether it is suitable to your learning style.

I have a budget to try out bookkeeping products ... I purchased both courses in February 2010 to help me study for my Certified Professional Bookkeeping exam.

John's site says your tuition fee is 100% refundable ... if you are not fully satisfied upon completion of either course.

Interactive Bookkeeping Tests and Games
Click on the frazzled bookkeeper to your left to go to The Bean Counter

Learn bookkeeping the fun way with tests and puzzles.

The Bean Counter has terrific tests and games. They are interactive and I found it fun to study using Dave Marshall's tests and games.

I was happily surprised when I discovered that one of the online bookkeeping courses / tutorials offered by The Beancounter was Basic Canadian Payroll.

You can download his whole package that includes tutorials for $24.95 USD. ... or just buy in individual pieces. The Tests and Games is an affordable $9.95 USD. Click here to view more details.

While you can find most of this information for free on his website, it's just nice to have it all in one spot on your own computer ... especially if you only have a dial-up internet connection ... a CD version is available for just $5 USD more.

In the event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, this product has a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

A Website Building System

Are you thinking of taking your business online?
Do you want your own website?
Consider these suite of tools.

Click Here to Take Advantage of SBI's Affordable Toolkit and Action Guide Subscription

Click here to find out how I became my own webmaster

SBI is a Service and User Friendly Software ...
All Rolled Into One Package!

SBI! .. It's so much more than web hosting
Click on the picture to the right to become your own webmaster

SBI! 2.0

This is the product I use to build and maintain this website. It is user friendly and does not require you have tech skills. If you know how to use your email and internet browser, you can be your own webmaster too! You can read about how I built this website with limited computer skills here.

SBI! is a Canadian company with a unique all-in-one web package ... that as far as I know is not available anywhere else. The package includes:

  • a process (the step by step Action Guide in e-book format or on video)
  • software and marketing tools that are user friendly (including brain storm it, analyze it and C2 content)
  • guidance and help (through their support team, e-business library, and the legendary help and be helped forums)

As SBI! is the ONLY product I know of its kind, Ken Evoy works diligently and tirelessly to ensure it is the best in it's class. The features tht appeal to me are:

  • No setup;
  • Everything built-in;
  • All the information you need, organized and updated;
  • Consistency of process, help and voice throughout; and
  • ONE set of forums that covers pretty much everything, where no one has anything to sell but instead answers to help and to be helped.

You have two options - Build your website yourself or hire a webmaster to build your online business ... both come with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Each option is highlighted below.

Site Build It!
Click on the picture to below to go to SBI!

SBI! Traffic Test

I could not afford the thousands of dollars needed to have someone else design my website ... this is the product I use to build and maintain this site. For the do-it-yourselfer like me, this set of tools is affordable at $30 USD per month (recession buster) or $299US per year (best value).

If you ever get stuck, you can always purchase Site Build It! Coaching Services to get you on your way. Click here for more web 2.0 small business platform details.

By the time you have finished working your way through the Step by Step Action Guide and Video series, you have the web equivalent of a Harvard MBA. If you are ready to learn how to earn, this comprehensive package is for you.

Buy a Subscription to SBI's Famous Toolkit and Action Guide Now
Start Building Your Own Website Today

SiteSell Services

Site Sell Services
Click on the picture to the right to hire your own webmaster

If you are definitely not the "hands on" type and want your own webmaster, then use SiteSell Services. Their experts will build a site for you that works without having to do it yourself. You have input every step along the way.

Click here for more details on how to hire your own webmaster.

Click here for more details on how I became my own webmaster.

Piano Music By The O'Neill Brothers
Click on the music player below to go to The Piano Brothers website

Piano Music By The O'Neill Brothers

Click on the orange arrow / button on the bottom right of the music player to start or stop the beautiful piano music samplers ... great music to work by and increase your productivity when deadlines are looming and you can feel the stress building ... or listen to the samplers while you take a tea break to do a little snooping around this site.

If you are getting married, be sure to check out their wedding music too! It's fabulous!!!!!

Classic Piano Songs Instrumental

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This is a GREAT System! Very Easy to Implement.

Kindle Edition Canada

US Kindle Edition 

I like the Fujitsu Receipt Scanner S1500 or S500

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Cash Flow Kick Start eReport

How To Boost Your
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Business Series
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Numbers 101
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Get A Grip On Bookkeeping Basics

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Get A Grip On Your Business Numbers

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Get A Grip On The Money

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Start & Run Series

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