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Welcome to the spring issue of The Bookkeeper's Notes newsletter focusing on good bookkeeping practices.

If you are a regular site visitor, you know that is committed to educating and providing support to ... work from home business owners. I sincerely hope you find this newsletter useful and practical.

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In this issue, I'll have you take a look at your balance sheet to see how healthy your business is, Worker's Compensation, along with news from the CRA and IRS. I've also included a link to a free 3 video series on Programming Yourself for Success.

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In This Issue ...

  • Programming Yourself for Success - Free Video Series
  • Focus on Bookkeeping - How Healthy is Your Balance Sheet?
  • Focus on Payroll - Worker's Compensation
  • Recent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) News
  • Recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) News
  • In the Forum - Share Your Expertise
  • The Insider's Pass - The Current Password is Here

Free Video Series
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Here is that link again:

Focus On Bookkeeping - How Healthy is Your Balance Sheet?

So far we've talked about the importance of an audit trail and the importance of organizing your receipts. Both these areas are important to understand if you don't want to lose tax deductions during a government audit.

This issue, I thought I'd examine your balance sheet. Most small business owners intuitively understand their income statement ... but the balance sheet can be a bit of a mystery.

It's probably not a big secret that if you were to go to the bank for a business loan, your banker would want to see a set of financial statements. The balance sheet is of particular interest to your banker.

Your balance sheet contains information about the health of your business. It paints a picture of what the business owns and owes. While it doesn't reflect your sweat equity, it does reveal how much you have invested in the business personally.

Bankers ... actually any long term investors ... are interested in your chances of going bankrupt. Any weakness on your balance sheet could make it impossible for you to obtain financing.

What exactly are they looking at? Bankers want to know whether your business is healthy enough to take on more debt. They are especially interested in how much you have personally invested in the business and its earning power.

I can see you looking at your balance sheet wondering how can they figure that out? Here's where it gets interesting. Try this calculation.

Take your "total liabilities" on your balance sheet and divide it by your "total assets". Is the ratio you've just calculated high or low?

Owners that like risk tend to prefer this ratio to be high. Why? Because if the business fails, they can just walk away without taking too much of a hit. It should be fairly obvious that this would makes bankers very nervous. They want you to be invested in your business. For most businesses, bankers like this number to be 0.5 or less.

I mentioned that earning power is important. When they examine your balance sheet, they want to know if the business can generate enough cash flow to be able to make regular loan payments on time without jeopardizing the business.

So here is another calculation you might want to try ... you'll need your income statement for this one. Add your net income, interest expense and income tax expense (if you are a corporation) together. Divide this number by your interest expense.

What kind of ratio did you get? If this number falls below 1.5, there is a good possibility that your lender will stop advancing funds to your business. If it is 2.0 or higher, you are in good shape and have the coverage available to make it likely for you to meet your loan payment requirements.

If you are looking for short term financing, your banker would be interested in your working capital. It determines your ability to meet your debt obligations ... even in tough times. So let's calculate it. On your balance sheet, find your current assets. Divide them by your current liabilities.

If you got one for an answer, you have no working capital. The banker wants this number to be over one ... the higher it is, the better your chances of obtaining that short term financing.

To learn about more what your balance sheet can tell you about your business, click here.

Would you like to test your bookkeeping skills ... or prescreen a bookkeeper before you hire them? You can purchase this 300 question test including the answer key for $15 USD here ...

Focus on Payroll - Workers Compensation

In January, I did a bit of research on Workers Compensation after a question arose in the IPBC bookkeeping forum I belong to. The question posed was how do you determine if and when you have to pay workers compensation to the self-employed, subcontractors or independent contractors in the construction industry. I thought I'd share my findings that were published in the IPBC's newsletter.


As workers compensation is provincially regulated, each province has their own separate regulations. Sometimes you have to hunt around to find what you are looking for. Is there a way to make this search less painful?

A good place to start looking for information is the resource The Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada (

On this website, you can find the acts, regulations and policies for each province and territory as well as jurisdictional comparisons and website links to each board in Canada.

In all provinces "both a principal and any contractors or subcontractors of that principal are liable for assessments". In some provinces, it the principal's responsibility to ensure a contractor files a statement or ensures that a contractor pays ... or the principal is liable.

For example, in B.C., Saskatchewan and Ontario, you need to obtain a clearance letter to determine whether a subcontractor is registered with WCB and that his premiums are up-to-date. If a subcontractor is not registered or has fallen behind (has not paid the required premiums), you may be required to provide coverage. You can find links to obtaining a clearance letter for your province at> resources> employer resources> clearance certificates.

I really like the IPBC forums. They provide a wealth of information and lots of little pointers that make the differene between being an average bookkeeper and a great bookkeeper.

Here was something new that I learned from an IPBC bookkeeper in Saskatchewan. It was suggested that subcontractors ensure their contractors are in good standing before they take a job because, if not, in Saskatchewan they would be liable for a portion of the contractor's premiums. This is worth checking to see if it is the same in your province.

An IPBC bookkeeper in Ontario reminded bookkeepers that premiums were not assessed on board of directors who are not active in the business or subcontractors (such as bookkeepers) if their work was not performed anywhere on or near the job site.

If you are unsure of your position and don't want to speak directly with WCB, some provinces have legislated an Employers' Advisers (or Advocates) Office that work independently of WCB. In B.C., there is no cost to utilize their expertise as the cost to run their office is included in your assessed premiums. For more information, go to> Legislation / Policy> Legislation - Comparative tables> Workers Compensation Legislation A-Z> Advisors (Workers Advisors, Employers Advisors)> Appeals - Advisors> Employers' Advisors is on the second page.

WorkSafeBC offers the publication Small Business Primer - A Guide to the WCB which is a great resource for BC bookkeepers. You can download it for free and keep it on your desktop for easy reference. If you are not located in B.C. it may still be worth your while to glance through it. If anything pops up that surprises you, check to see if your province operates under the same rules.

United States

Workers Compensation in the United States varies from state to state just like it does in Canada. Private companies can find their state compensation board on the Department of Labor's website at

Humour by Advice ... with Dr. Julia Chicken

Recent CRA News ... and other government news

A reminder that your soleproprietor return is not due until June 15th ... however, your taxes are still payable by May 2nd. If you need to estimate the amount you owe to avoid penalty and interest charges, find out about this free tax calculator.

Check out this tip if you can't pay your taxes.

In March, CRA has announced it is discontinuing combined income tax and GST/HST audits. They will also be changing their approach to GST/HST pre-assessments.

The changes are being made to enhance its focus on GST/HST compliance and will take place over a number of years. The first changes have already been implemented through a restructuring of the organization.

This isn't exactly CRA news. The Prime Minister announced a Red Tape Reduction Commission. The Commission has set up a new website with links allowing you to weigh in with your opinions and suggestions on cutting red tape for small business. If you feel strongly about this subject, you will want to check out the website at

In the last newsletter, I mentioned that tax preparers can now submit the form T1013 Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative online. I tried out this new service and it is great. The turnaround time has been four days as promised rather than a 4- 6 week wait period. If you are a tax preparer and haven't started using this service, move out of your comfort and try it just once. Access to the service is through your Efile service located within your professional tax software package.

BC's new Premier announced changes to the minimum wage rate. Read more here.

Prescribed interest rates for the second quarter of 2011 were released and have held steady. The last rate change was July of last year when corporate rates for overpayment of taxes was introduced. Find the interest rate tables here ...

The Deloitte's March 31, 2011 Weekly Tax Highlights newsletter (it's free) explained what happens when there is a disolution of Parliament as occured on March 26. Here's how they explained it.

"All incomplete business in both the House of Commons and the Senate was terminated, including government bills ... The legislative proposals contained in the March 22, 2011 budget also “died”, but they may be reintroduced by the next government. It is noteworthy that the future federal corporate tax rate reduction to 15% as of January 1, 2012 remains intact at this time as this amendment was already enacted at dissolution. Outstanding draft tax amendments published by the government but not yet introduced into the House of Commons are not affected by the dissolution of Parliament. However, the decision as to whether to proceed with those proposals (as well as with the corporate rate reduction) will be made by the next government."

Recent IRS News

Your sole proprietor tax filing date is almost here ... by April 18th you must have filed your return and paid any taxes owing ... or completed Form 4868 requesting an automatic extension. It is important to remember that your taxes are still due on April 18th and must be paid if you don't want to incur penalties and interest charges.

The IRS has four payment options:

  1. Electronic funds transfer
  2. Credit or debit card
  3. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
  4. Check or Money Order

Check out this tip if you can't pay your taxes.

See the IRS Newsroom for more information on how to file for an extension and your tax payment options.

On April 5th, Congress passed the bill to repeal the 1099 2012 corporate reporting requirements as well as the 2011 reporting changes related to income from real estate. The President signed the bill into law on April 14th.

The IRS has published "Eight Things to Know If You Receive an IRS Notice ". You can find it by searching for IRS Tax Tip 2011-73 on the IRS website.

The IRS has issued a one hour webcast on The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. To find out if/how you can afford the cost of covering your employees, go to their video portal located at . You'll find a wealth of other webcasts prepared specifically for small businesses.

You can find the 2011 depreciation limits for vehicles on Bookkeeping-Essentials's IRS News page.

The Social Security Administration and IRS released their spring publication for employers. Lots of good stuff in this publication/newsletter called The SSA/IRS Reporter. Two articles I liked were Tax Changes for Small Businesses and Spring Cleaning of Your Payroll Records. Find out more here ...

IRS interest rates increased by 1% for the second quarter of 2011 ... back to 2010 rate levels. Find the interest rate tables here ...

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Recent questions in the forum covered Bookkeeping for a Consignment Store, The Manual Bookkeeping Entry for a GST/HST Refund, and How to Pay Myself.

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I Love, love, LOVE this site! Did I mention I love it?! I do my own bookkeeping with QuickBooks and whenever I am stuck on something, I refer to your website and find exactly what I'm looking for to help. Everything is explained so well, in plain English and easy to follow. This site has been helpful many times, but most recently, with GST filing. I filed for the first time this year and when I went to file the next quarter, the numbers hadn't cleared from the previous quarter and everything seemed to be a mess. I found out on your website that I had filed with the CRA but did not complete it in QuickBooks. By following your steps, I sorted it out and it was a very easy fix. Phew! Thanks!

Cara, Calgary, AB, Canada

Thanks for the information. It is nice to see there is an online site where I can go get answers to my bookkeeping questions. It was really a stroke of luck I came across this site. I googled my bookkeeping question to see if I could get an answer, a shot in the dark, and bookkeeping-essentials was one of the results listed. I looked over some other sites but none were as flexible as this site. I got a quick response and I will be using this site in the future. Thanks again.

Bayside, NY, United States

I love your site...its very homey!!! It's like reading/talking to a friend!! Thanks!!

Kim, Jackson, MS United States

Your website is positively BRILLIANT! I don't care at all for the numbers side of my business, but you've made it interesting, fun, comfortable--downright enjoyable! Bite-sized WELL WRITTEN bits walking me through fundamentals, encouraging me, explaining.(Note: "well written" covers everything from "interesting" to "intelligent." The reader doesn't stumble over elementary grammar errors, lots of typos, etc.) I've only just discovered this lovely gold mine!

Cherie, U.S.

I have just come across your site and it's great...thank you so much for the time it must take you to compile the data and information. I have no accountancy or book keeping knowledge and am currently trying to learn QuickBooks via YouTube. (lol) There must be an easier way as I don't have the time or finances, what with starting a new business, to attend a course at college or similar.

Debbie, Vancouver, BC Canada

As a novice at the bookkeeping game, this site has become my go to site for research. Thank you for the great resource. I do my data entry one or twice a year (very low volume) and I find I need retraining on Quickbooks for things like depreciation/CCA.

Den, St. Albert, AB Canada

A More Than FANTASTIC site! So often I've thought about putting something together like your site, but didn't have the time. Googling information about Supplies or Tools over under $500.00 was the most useful Google search I've ever done because of discovering your site. Way to go and THANKS VERY MUCH. PS.... Also loved it that you put the Tax chart for GST HST back to 1997; I spent hours trying to get this information from the CRA website. I've not had time to look at your whole site, but I will be refering to it often I'm sure and will mention anything I think is missing, should I not discover information as I might be looking for it. Thanks, Again

Leona, Sicamous, BC Canada

Thank you for your comprehensive reply to my question. I really appreciate the time you took to explain it to me.

Connie, Canada

This is an absolutely awesome site! I am not lying. I went to Chapters to try to find something just like this and they did not have what I was looking for - which your site does ... which is good definitions and explanations. I am going to book mark this page if that's okay. ... Great job and thank you. I will definitely use this resource.

PK Lethbridge, Alberta

My biggest problem in doing my books is keeping debits & credits straight in liability and equity accounts. I really liked the cheat sheet. (I think that will help me keep the debits and credits straight.)

Lisa, Williston, USA

Lake you're awesome in every way. I have had some insight about how to properly classify some accounts.

Karim, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for this website. I am interviewing for my first bookkeeping position in over 10 years--and my first in Canada. I have AAS degrees in Accounting and Business Admin from the US but have never worked in "my field" since immigrating in 2000. Your website makes me feel more confident I can actually do the job I am interviewing for. So far, I have been refreshing my knowledge and preparing for a job interview. I've bookmarked the site for WHEN I get the job!

Robin, Toronto, ON

I love your website. Just love it.

CPB Bookkeeping, Inc.
"The Organizer"
Lake Worth, FL

I posted a question on Accumulated Surplus and you asked me to comment on your comments. I really appreciated reading what you posted and it did help. Especially the part of talking to the accountant. That really makes sense. I find more and more that I interact with the accountants to keep on learning. Love Love Love your website. Just discovered it about 3 weeks ago and have been on it lots since then.

Red Deer, Alberta

Wow. I'm so thankful to have stumbled across your site, with the assistance of Google. :) I love your style of writing, your approach, and your message. Thank you for your time and efforts. In a nutshell, your light humor and simple approach is refreshing and uplifting.

Kathy, Hillsdale, United States

Your site is great by the way. I just came across it.

Trish, Canada

Thanks for responding so quickly ... I really appreciate all the forum help ... I do Love the forum and have looked through other questions on it and feel it will greatly help in the future. Your site is fantastic and I will recommend it to anyone asking about bookkeeping help.

Cindy, Calgary, Canada

It (your site) is very helpful and thank you for your tips and advice. I am so glad I found your site.

Lee, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for your hard work on your site ... I find I learn quicker and easier with you than I did with courses. Your site has helped my knowledge, learning new things and with the explanation of terms/items. Keep up the good "BookWORK"!

Naomi, Balance Your Books, Squamish, B.C.

This website has been very helpful. It's been too many years since school and I'm a bit rusty.

Sue, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I just found this site tonight. It's going to help me a lot as I learn how to use my Quickbooks more fully (I've only used it for payroll). Don't ask me how I've managed to keep the books this long -5 years- without knowing much more than how to balance a checkbook. I'm getting some help from a professional now, but your site will keep my pro costs down. Thank you. I will definitely donate once I begin to use it with my QuickBooks. It's [your site] easier to understand than Help in QuickBooks. QuickBooks assumes I know bookkeeping concepts. It [your site] appears to be very thorough, though I've only scratched the surface of what I can learn. I took an online bookkeeping class a couple of years ago, but this site has direct application to quickbooks and it's a searchable site!

Ruth, Dos Palos, CA USA

Thank you for providing valuable information regarding home business taxes on this website.

U.C., Toronto, Canada

I started my own bookkeeping business two years ago and enjoy your site. I literally grab my cup of coffee and look around for hours. :D It's a wonderful site with loads of information and I'm all about learning from my peers who might have the answers to some of the questions I may have. Keep up the good work. :)

Taking the worry away
Belledune, New Brunswick

BTW, did you say Bookkeeping? Cuz I fell asleep... just kidding!

Dr. Julia

(I love her humour!)

Absolutely a great site! I have often dreamed of having a similar site but figured I might have to wait until I retire to get the time. I have bookmarked this site and will return again.

Alwyn Enterprises
Scarborough , Ontario

You have a wonderful website. Thank you so much for letting me know you have one now. [It] is really well done and very, very informative. Also really charming.

Reliable Recordkeeping
Toronto, Ontario

I'm enjoying reading your blog! Thought I'd drop you a quick note of encouragement.

QuickBooks "one
on one" coaching
Edmonton, Alberta

This is a marvelous site and one that I would like to use as the basis for training bookkeepers. I am a CPA here in the states and am in the process of building a what will hopefully become a substantial bookkeeping business (not a dark wood & gold lettered CPA firm). I want to serve the small business owner with the day to day service they need. You have obviously put in an enormous amount of time and effort here (there is no doubt there) and provide a wealth of fantastic information.

R. Keith Pierce, CPA, P.A.
I'll Sweat The Small Stuff For You -
Jacksonville, Florida