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The Bookkeeper's Notes was a free newsletter ... featuring articles on good bookkeeping practices and small business compliance news. The news section followed both CRA and IRS news.

This newsletter is currently on hold as I have some other commitments to meet. I do apologize to my readers.

Signing up for the newsletter in the interim still gives you immediate access to selected back issues and your free eBook.

Due to the implementation of GDPR in Europe on May 25, 2018, I will be deleting my mailing list on that date.

Meanwhile I will continue to maintain the website to ensure my notes are up-to-date. Don't forget to check my Facebook page where I post links to articles of interest along with tips; and my News pages for timely postings.

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*Due to tax deadlines in April and June, effective April 2013, the newsletter will now be published May, July, September, November, January and March.

Newsletter Article Archives - What You Missed!

While there are links in each newsletter back to existing chats on the website, some of the material contained in each newsletter is original content. The only way to access it is to subscribe.

-- Focus on Bookkeeping --

-- Focus on Payroll --

This feature is no longer in every issue.

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Subscriber Comments

I enjoy your newsletter and website very much. To me you are the perfect mix of left and right brain!

Pat, Rockwood, ON
June, 2013

I have always wanted to tell you how much I really like receiving your newsletters. They are so informative.

Karen, Canada
May, 2013

I am a bookkeeper here in Manitoba and really enjoy all the information on your website. I use it regularly ...

Greg, Beausejour, MB
December, 2012

Love your site [...] I really look forward to your newsletter. ...

Creig, Winnipeg, MB
December, 2012

Being a home based business, clients tend to have you at their 'beck and call' and don't always take you seriously. [Your website and newsletter are] invaluable, accurate with up to date relevant information.

Elaine, Sooke, BC
December, 2011

Just received my copy of your last newsletter The Bookkeeper's Notes. I am not a bookkeeper but still really enjoy reading it. You keep it simple and easy to read even for us unbookkeepers...the topics are interesting and I learn a lot. Keep up the good work.

Barbara, Canada
December, 2011

[...] Your newsletter is one of the ones I look for!

October, 2011

I am one of your greatest fans and eagerly read all your newsletters. I have your site bookmarked and often refer to your site especially to "double-check" myself. I work in a nonprofit and for my church so I have to refresh my memory too when it comes to for-profit accounting. You have a wonderful style of writing and as a small business owner I find your articles very useful.

Vickey from
July, 2011

Good Morning Lake I am sitting here, having finished my first coffee, and looking at pouring the second cup. It is a beautiful day out here. I was showing my printed copy of 5 tips to my friend Helene, and also gave her your web address, so she could go there herself. I have read the booklet about three times myself and have really enjoyed it.

Woody, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
June, 2011

I look forward to receiving my newsletter and enjoy your site ... very informative.

Candace, Schreiber, ON, Canada
June, 2011

Why am I not able to get into the password links when I type in the password for the Dec 2010 back issue? I copy and pasted it three times and then it shut me out.

Velma, North Bay, ON, Canada
March 2011

Sorry you are having trouble accessing the Insider Pages Velma. The password changes with each new issue ... once every two months. You will find the current password in the latest issue of The Bookkeeper's Notes.