A Canadian Bookkeeping Compliance Resource

Do You Want Audit Ready Books?

by L. Kenway BComm (Retired CPB)

Published April 15, 2024

Ducks on DockLet me help you get all your ducks in a row!

An Introduction to Bookkeeping-Essentials.ca, your dedicated resource for Canadian bookkeeping and tax compliance. A tailored extension of Bookkeeping-Essentials.com, this website serves to address the specific bookkeeping and tax compliance needs of Canadian businesses and self-employed individuals.

Motivated by a perceived need for such a dedicated service, I have transitioned my extensive library from the original site to foster more focused and relevant support for Canadian users.

Despite enjoying my retirement, my commitment to sharing useful and practical bookkeeping knowledge remains. This Canadian focused compliance site draws from over a decade of notes published on Bookkeeping-Essentials.com.

The design and content of the new site are influenced by my experience as a retired professional bookkeeper. The site is easy to navigate with a straightforward menu featuring compliance obligations, various tax categories, and audit ready books advice.

Bookkeeping-Essentials.ca extends an invitation to small business owners and home-based bookkeepers in Canada to explore and make use of this new resource. Your journey towards efficient and CRA compliant bookkeeping starts here!

Bookkeeping-Essentials.ca Table of Contents

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Canadian Compliance Obligations  |  CRA Tax Filing Deadlines

Canadian Payroll Tax

Employee Taxable and Non-Taxable Benefits in Canada

Canadian Sales Tax - GST & HST

Canadian Sales Tax - PST in BC

Canadian Income Tax - Self Employed

Canadian Controlled Private Corporations - Income Tax & Legal

Canadian Audit Issues and Audit Ready Books

Canadian Audit Process

Head Up - My Bookkeeping Pointers

Canadian Bookkeeping Compliance Resource 
An Invitation

Tea Break

Bookkeeping-Essentials.ca extends an invitation to small business owners and home-based bookkeepers in Canada to explore this resource created with you in mind.

I look forward to meeting up with you on my new site.


P.S. Bookkeeping-Essentials.com is not going away. It will just focus more on good, basic bookkeeping practices for Canadian and US bookkeepers and small business owners and less on tax.

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