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PLEASE NOTE: I have temporarily discontinued this service until I am comfortable that my site complies with Europe's GDPR requirements.

Do you have a bookkeeping question? Let me help answer your basic accounting questions.

Small Business owners who work from their home, and who are doing their own books, will run into situations where they have a book keeping question that needs answering.

I offer three choices ...

  • ONE - purchase a bookkeeping / accounting question (if you want to keep it private);

  • TWO - review accounting questions already asked and answered (great for the shy person); or

  • THREE - ask a free bookkeeping question (helps other visitors to this site) PLEASE NOTE: I have temporarily discontinued this service until I am comfortable that my site complies with Europe's GDPR requirements.

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    Choice One ...

    Purchase a Private Bookkeeping Question

    Sometimes, you may want to ask a private question. For a small fee, I will email you a private response within two business days. The response will be tailored to your specific question. Think of me as your own virtual bookkeeper available on call.

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    Choice Two ...

    Check Out These Question and Answer Pages

    Once you have asked a question in the forum using the form below, it gets categorized onto different question and answer pages. You might want to review them to see if your question is listed on one of them.

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    • Questions and Answers on Bookkeeping Basics
    • Canadian Home Business Taxes Questions and Answers
    • Learning How to Use QuickBooks® Questions and Answers
    • Questions and Answers about GST/HST
    • Operating and Capital Lease Questions and Answers
      includes Q&A on equipment and vehicle purchases
    • Bookkeeping Tips in a Question and Answer format ... great for those who aren't sure what your question is!
    • CCPC Questions and Answers
    • Payroll Tax Questions and Answers
    • Bookkeeping Answers to General Questions From the Forum
    • Unanswered Questions - Please Share Your Expertise

    • Choice Three ...

      Ask A Free Bookkeeping Question

      PLEASE NOTE: I have temporarily discontinued this service until I am comfortable that my site complies with Europe's GDPR requirements.

      If you want to ask a general bookkeeping question for FREE, use the contact form just a bit further down this page.

      Don't be shy. Chances are if you are asking the question, so are others ... or they've already encountered a similar situation and know the answer already. This creates a WIN WIN for everyone. Help and be helped. Just remember, there are no stupid questions.

      I will try to answer as many questions as time permits ... but please be aware that during my busy periods ... it may take me up to two weeks or longer to reply :0)

      Also, I have begun to be selective in which questions I respond to. If I feel that the information to your questions is already available on the site, it is likely your question will not be published ... so please, please, please make use of the custom search boxes found on this site BEFORE you submit your question. I have also stopped answering questions that are complex and unique to "your" business as these are better answered by "your" accountant. Remember this a bookkeeping site not a tax site.

      The questions and answers will be scattered throughout the site ... for example capital lease questions will be posted to the Capital Lease page ... or GST/HST questions will be posted to the GST/HST page ... you get the idea.

      The questions you see posted on the bottom of this page are of a general nature and/or I do not have a page on my site dealing with the topic.

      It is important you understand that no client relationship can be implied from this website. I am giving only information NOT advice. The information provided is no substitute for specific advice by a bookkeeper, tax preparer, accountant or other professional.

      If you are not from Canada, please keep your question of a general bookkeeping nature.

      Why do I say a general bookkeeping question? That's because if you ask me a question that is not related to Canadian practice, such as anything about S Corps, FICA, FITW, FUTA, BAS, PAYG ... just to name a few ... I won't be able to help. While I know what they are, I am not qualified to assist in these areas but ...

      I now have a U.S. Small Business Tax Information section which holds any notes I have collected to date. I will add to this section as I research more topics. You can find my notes on the navigation button section labelled "The Taxes - U.S.". One these pages, you will find links to other U.S. pages as well.

      Is your question related to Canadian tax? Your best bet is to use CRA's new service. Their January 2014 news release stated that "businesses and their representatives can ask the CRA specific, tax-related questions online. The CRA will answer them online and in writing, within clearly defined timelines, through the My Business Account enquiries service."

      Have a tea break with Bookkeeping-Essentials today!

      My suggestion to you ... enjoy a cup of tea while you click and poke and peek and snoop this site ... perhaps start with the site map which lists all the articles by section .

      I hope you enjoy your visit,
      Your tutor Lake

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