Estimated time for data transfer

by A.A.

Accounting Data Transfer

Accounting Data Transfer

I know that this will be an opinion based question but I am looking for any help at this point. How long would it take to manually transfer bookkeeping data from one software to the other? Here is the criteria:

-Installation of the software onto per-existing PC's 1 day for three computers

-Training of the software all tutorials 1day

-Transfer of data for a new business that's been open for three months and has the following for said 3 months:

-2 employees
-3 customers
-5 vendors
-50 transactions at most.
-and bank account information

That would be one day.

-Audit of said information 1 day

So that equals four days, if we round for any possible issues I would say one week at most.

Is this an ok estimate? I am sorry I am an accounting student and struggling with the estimate. The software is cloud based.

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I think you've made your plan, now you need to execute it. Make notes on the process so the next time you do it, your plan will be even more accurate. Repeat this until you have a system down pat. You may want to investigate whether there are any data exporting / importing features available to cut down on clerical error during the data transfer of the accounting records.

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