MonthEnd Bookkeeping Procedures

The Bookkeeper's Notes on
How To Prepare Internal Financial Statements
Using 21 Simple Steps

What Do You Do Once The Data Is Entered?

Today I want to chat about how to implement monthend bookkeeping procedures in your business.

Hi, I'm a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with 30+ years finance/accounting experience in Canada; the last 8 years as a self-employed bookkeeper.

I like to help work from home business owners learn not only how to do their own books if they are so inclined, but also how to supervise their bookkeeper if they are not so inclined.

As I've already said, I want to chat about how to do monthend bookkeeping in a small sole proprietor structured business.

Monthend bookkeeping procedures …

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Reflects the level of knowledge, education, and skills necessary to carry out all key functions through Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Sales Taxes, Inventory and General Bookkeeping

we are NOT talking data entry here folks ... is often neglected by home based business owners. Many of you tend to stumble along haphazardly and once a year you file your tax return … or not! But here's the PROBLEM ...

You don't know what you don't know  you know! My simple eManual can help you figure out some, not all, of what you don't know.

  • If month-end procedures were broken into simple steps, would you perform the tasks every month? or at least every quarter?
  • If you could be confident your financial statements were accurate, would you rely on them to help make better business decisions?
  • If you could receive your financial statements on a timely basis while the data is fresh, would you use them to look for trends, find errors proactively?
  • Have you been wondering what you are supposed to do BEFORE you close your accounting software for the month?

This is NOT just a manual.

It is a bookkeeping TOOL

for preparing
monthly internal
financial statements

How to do MonthEnd | Month-End Procedures

I dare you to learn how your business is doing   take away the mystery behind the numbers!

Make this the year you learn what your books are trying to tell YOU. Manual includes printable checklist.

Skip reading to purchase YOUR Procedure eManual NOW.

A Certified Professional Bookkeeper shares
21 simple bookkeeping steps
on what to do after you've entered in all your data


Who Is This eManual Designed For?

Home based sole proprietors as well as newbie freelance bookkeepers will benefit from this easy to follow procedure guide.

The manual is designed to assist small business owners and bookkeepers in:

  • performing monthend bookkeeping procedures;
  • preparing accurate and timely internal financial statements for use by the business owner;
  • helping you audit proof your books for preparation of your annual income tax return.

By working your way through Laura's checklist and manual, you can prepare books that are accurate … no more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Bookkeeping employees may also benefit. However, a caveat … as the procedures are geared to a small business running out of their home; payroll, inventory and accounting software integration / associated entries are NOT covered.

bean counting tip! Which business entity is best for you?


Laura says, "You can learn the numbers behind your business. You decide if you or your bookkeeper will perform the tasks. If you decide to delegate the tasks, you will know what the bookkeeper is supposed to be doing."

What You Receive

Laura will e-mail you a link to:

  • The e-manual (see Table of Contents) with step-by-step instructions for performing month-end

  • Specific links to this website for more detailed instruction

  • A printable month-end checklist form and references to the manual
MonthEnd Checklist Form

Please note that while month end adjusting entries are mentioned, this manual does NOT lay them out for you.

You will find adjusting entries are discussed in another chat on this site … just search for it in the site search box in the upper right hand side of most pages.

This is an e-product delivered by download after you click on a link.

                               good bookkeeping practice

Laura says her procedures can reduce your bookkeeping costs by ensuring you:

  1. Learn a systematic approach to monthend bookkeeping;
  2. Learn what documents the government auditor wants so you have audit ready books; and
  3. Prepare accurate and timely internal financials … if you work through the manual.

Here is the link to make your internal financials a reality this year.

What YOUR eManual Will Help Accomplish

  1. A way to control bookkeeping costs;
  2. A systematic approach that should reduce or eliminate mistakes in your books; and
  3. Help you start to understand what your accountant is saying at year-end.

Invest $20 CAD in your business today!

Buy 3 or 4 copies and save 10%
enter discount code BE2Q10

Buy 5 copies and save 15%
enter discount code BE5Q15


Buy the Companion eBook

Learn how to do month-end with

Don't wait 'til tax time this year ... start using this systematic approach to bookkeeping now.

I dare you to learn the mystery behind your business numbers!

Add Bookkeeping Checklists $5


My 30 Day Guarantee

Take a full 30 Days to put the “The Month-End Procedures Manual” to the test. If this manual doesn’t show you how to systematically perform your monthly bookkeeping tasks, Laura will refund your purchase. 


Save 10% When You Buy The Month-End Procedure Manual AND It's Companion eBook Bookkeeping Checklists $22.50 CAD


Click on the ADD TO CART button above for immediate access to YOUR manual.

Let Laura's experience help you produce a better set of books!

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It's been great chatting with about bookkeeping today.

It's been great chatting with you .
Your tutor Lake

Watch for the follow-up manual to be published in 2016 … How To Review Your Internal Financial Statements.

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