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Your website provides step by step and very detailed info to address most of the bookkeeping issues that many small businesses encounter. For someone who doesn't have too much of the accounting or bookkeeping background, I would highly recommend this website because the language you use is very easy to understand.

Michelle, Toronto, ON

Bouquet!! A big colourful one. Thank you so much for the clear description of when to and when not to charge GST out of province. I've been looking for ages. I've saved your web site to my fave list.

Cindy Pelletier, CPB, C. Pelletier Bookkeeping Services, Winnipeg, MB

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You've provided one of the clearest Canadian tax guides for those struggling self-employed professional/artist/gig-economy workers who try to deal with the complexity of the tax return system designed for THE RICH who can afford not to get it right every time. Very helpful tips and ideas. Thank you!

Patrick, Vancouver, BC 2020-05

I found this site in 2014 when I first thought of doing my own bookkeeping business. I only wish I had kept up with it because I would have been an awesome bookkeeper now, instead of starting. Well, it is better late than never. I am usually on your site for hours whenever I come on here. You give such wonderful explanations and so much information; this is my education and my ticket to be the best. I am more than grateful for you to have done this. I pray you do not take it down because we need it and you. Thank you so very, very much for your contribution of time and support.

Monique, Montreal, QC CANADA 2017-12

I really like your website. It's obviously set on my favorites. So helpful and explained in a very comprehensible way even for those who are not in the field. When I arrived in Canada I really thought I would have wasted all my 15 years bookkeeping experience in the trash bin. Then, because of my kids, I tried, in another language also, and I'm doing it. It has been hard, but when you are supported by such useful tools as this website is, you can do it. This is the best and the most useful website I've ever visited. I like the way you explain things, your easy approach and your language. Also all the information contained in the website is true and the examples are the cherry on the cake. Great job!

Arianna, Newmarket, ON Canada

Not enough room to comment! Easy to search, down-to-earth real-life advice as it applies to regular business owners. Friendly, pleasant to visit and poke around!

Trish, Toronto, ON Canada

This website is great with many practical explanations of how to do things.  Almost a one stop shop for someone to handle bookkeeping related matters - the name really says it all! I find your website easy to read, and believe me I have done tons of research in my 30 years experience. Well done and much appreciated.

Ulandi, Vancouver, BC Canada

Thanks so much for this wonderful site, it's helped me SO much! You explain things in a simple manner which is a breath of fresh air after reading the CRA website. It's also casual and doesn't feel like a chore to read.

Michiko, Burnaby, BC Canada

I come to the website every time I'm not sure about how to record transactions. Great source of information.

Rakel, Maotick, ON Canada

Just found you online while searching/researching, with my morning coffee. What a pleasant visit I feel I have had with you already. ... I quite like your personable, friendly, and very clear explanations and options, approach on your site. ...  [Your site is] inspiring, informative, personable (which makes total sense - inspires trust in someone not met yet - esp. if one is looking for a financial professional).

Daija, Nelson, BC Canada

...[I] spent a few hours reading and becoming a bit overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge of accounting practices. Love your site though - liked your FB page. It is refreshing to find information for Canadians, in layman's terms. I've learned a lot in a few hours about some accounting basics, terms, and how much I don't know. [I would like to see included on your site] information about what taxes are "recoverable" and "non-recoverable". Also, how to apply them.

Brad, Maple Ridge, BC Canada

[Publisher's note: Tax is only covered at a basic level as the focus is more on bookkeeping. It's best to speak with an accountant regarding your specific circumstances.]

I love your site. You are a god send. You have managed to turn a pretty unappealing topic into a good read. Great combination of facts, tips, recommendations and humour (greatly appreciated). I find the CRA website information often confusing and disjointed. You have made it easy to understand.

Annie, N. Vancouver, BC Canada

Really great site, would be nice if you had a sign up sheet or a member sign in section.

George, Smoky Lake, Alberta Canada

It's [this website] very informative, in plain clear English! [I would like to see] maybe samples of spreadsheets or pictures of examples i.e.:) GST returns.

Sue, Radville, Saskatchewan Canada

This is a great website - really good answers to really important questions.

A small business owner, Maple Ridge, BC Canada

There is so much great information on your site! Whenever I have forgotten how to do something or something new crosses my path, I know that I can come and find answers! Thanks!

Doris, Kelowna, BC Canada

Stumbled up on your website [researching on how to pay management fees to shareholders and report on T4Aand I was pretty impressed. Thank you very much for excellent resources and clarity in thought

Juby, Delta, BC Canada

You provide very useful, relevant information with great examples -- you've helped on a number of different occasions in the last 2.5 years (been helpful with organizing my office - creating a filing system; business tax information; basic bookkeeping info/rules!). THANK YOU!!!

Bookkeeper, Kamloops, BC Canada

I love reading the articles on this site. They are very informative and offer so much useful information. Well written and helpful.

Kriss, Atioch, CA, United States

I find it interesting that as a bookkeeper you do not know what the Canada Pension Act says about pro rating cpp basic exemptions, or what it doesn't say, which is completely different than what CRA leads employers to believe on their website. No where in the CPP Act does it allow for pro rating basic personal exemptions based on length of time an employee worked.  The tables published on CRA's website were designed for deduction purposes only, based on the employee having a projected income from working all year, but will result in over contributions in the case of seasonal workers.

Kathy, Ontario, Canada

Editor's note - I have requested which page Kathy was referencing and I am waiting to hear back but nothing yet. I've added the link above to the article she might be referring to. If she is referring to the chat on how to manually proof a payroll calculation on a pay cheque, then from a bookkeeping perspective, you do indeed have to prorate the $3500 to come back to the pay cheque calculation performed by the software or CRA's PDOC as she has noted.

Thoroughly enjoyed your site. I applaud your design: the pages are visually appealing with the content being very informative and light hearted at the right times. I love the fonts and their colors and the graphics. I, for one, am glad you broke that web design rule.  Keep it up!  I was interested in your chat on Organized Recordkeeping ... which has turned into a 4-hour visit.  And I'll be back! I am presently unemployed and need to brush up on my accounting skills. It has been an enjoyable afternoon of learning due to your presentation. Informative in a friendly atmosphere. Thank you!

Susan, Indiana, USA

I use Bookkeeping-Essentials website to ask questions when I am not certain of creating or posting an unusual entry and to find answers to questions I may have. It is a great source of knowledge, even for experienced Bookkeepers like myself and Accountants.  I would like to see more information on the year end accruals process, international accounting procedures and Canadian and US corporate tax preparations. :)

Cheryl, Toronto, ON Canada

[I visited your site] just to find out about CCA.  [The site] is Very Organized with good info.

Waran, Ajax, ON Canada

 I do my own books for my small janitor business  ... I am going through all your various information; just got onto the website!  It looks grand!

Maureen, Parkhill, ON Canada

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I was directed (a friend's referral) to a useful article about maintaining the minute books. The most frustrating problem I have with this site is it is somewhat difficult to navigate. I had to dig to find the Q&A section.

Louise, Guelph, ON Canada

[Visited today] to find an answer to my question [about taxable benefits] ... I refer to it [] all the time, and also refer friends and co-workers to it. 

Eva, Milford Station, NS Canada

I searched a tax question online and your site came up! You have a super site and yes it has been helpful and inviting!

Astrid, Bridgewater, NS Canada

I've looked at your website; a lot of VERY good information. Thanks!

Don, Longview, AB Canada

I find that it (your website) is very helpful and the comment replies are usually easy to understand.

Martina, Canada

Thanks for this website.  I came here trying to learn about bookkeeping for my small business.  I have a bookkeeper and an accountant but I want to learn how to handle finances better. I want to control profit and loss better.

Cathie, Calgary, AB Canada

Thank you for your site. You make this book keeping thing so much easier to understand.

Margaret, Edmonton AB Canada

I quite like the site! Just seems friendly, which is nice.

Shawn, San Pablo, CA USA

Just nice knowing there's a website to help fellow bookkeepers.

Nancy, N. Vancouver, BC Canada

I started out by looking up current EI rates. I love the comfortable, chatting atmosphere; one home-business woman to another!

Wilmy, Surrey, BC Canada

Your site is amazing. I will definitely return to it. I'm impressed by the free resources available. It makes bookkeeping look less scary.

Andrew, New Westminster, BC Canada

I have enjoyed reading your site so far. I am a book keeper who works full time for a small business and I do some bookkeeping on the side as well as am registered with Revenue Canada to do tax returns.

Port Coquitlam , BC Canada

I'm a student and love your cheat sheet. I look forward to exploring the rest of your website!! ...  I was looking for simple accounting tips and tricks to use for quick references.

A bookkeeping student from Oklahoma, USA

I just found your site, and I think I will be back a lot!  I'm a bookkeeper myself ... Your encouraging attitude has been even more helpful than the already helpful information you provide.

Jeri-Lynn, Castlgar, BC, Canada

Absolutely love your site and the information ... your website is very helpful.   Language used is understandable and very helpful. Love this website.

Cathy, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Love your site, I visit often for a refresher ... Wonderful site. Always answers my questions.

Brenda, Kelowna, BC Canada

Great site. Thanks for the information provided in one simple site!

Patricia, Langley, BC, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your website.  I am currently working as an accounting technician and to be honest I really really don't like it...I am trying to work up the courage to go out on my own with my own bookkeeping business.  I am a single mom with a teenage daughter so I am scared of not being able to build it up enough to sustain us.  However just thought I would let you know that your website is encouraging me and hopefully someday soon I will take the chance.

Donna, Orillia, ON, Canada

I have been coming to this site for quite some time, since I started courses in Bookkeeping. I love this site.  It is my go to site for all my bookkeeping look ups and learning. It has been a lifesaver, so very informative. Thank you so very much for all your hard work you have done with this site.

Susan, Limoges, ON, Canada

Very informational! Great!

Marie, Smithers, BC, Canada

I found this site through a google search and was happy I did. A lot of useful information in an easy to understand format. Great job to the creator of I keep finding more things to read and useful tips. Thank you!

Kriss, Atioch, CA, United States

This website gives a pretty good overview; however, your examples that showed multiple debit and credit entries are confusing.  I think it would be beneficial to show an actual transaction that uses all those entries. Numbers corresponding to accounts can better explain sometimes than just words.

Ursula, AB, Canada

This is the first time I have visited this site, and it has a wealth of information. It answers a lot of the questions I have, and in an organized manner I can understand. It's great someone has taken the time to explain all of this - especially for free!

Sarah, Calgary, AB, Canada

Just started researching from your site and so far I absolutely love it. I really appreciate that it's Canadian info (and you're in BC!). The links are easy to use, as is the search tool. Already added on FB and in my favorites so I can't not find your site again. Thanks for making your knowledge available in a great reference site.

Pat, Prince George, BC Canada

This is the BEST bookkeeping site I have ever come across. Every concern is explained in detail and very easy to follow.

Nina, Calgary, AB Canada

Your site is the first place I turn to when I have a QB (QuickBooks) question, even before I go to QB support. I have found that the way you explain things is very "to the point " and eliminates any questions I usually have!

Melissa, Arlington, USA

Lots of info here. It's nice to find a website with Canadian content!

Jody, Golden, BC Canada

Your website has assisted me in clearly understanding the correct deductions of numerous self-employment business expenses and is much appreciated!

Doreen, Ottawa, ON Canada

Love your site. Novice in understanding many booking rules. Good site whether you are a bookkeeper, in business or just generally like to learn new concepts.  Keep up the good work.

Mary Ann, Toronto, ON Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your site. I too am a home based bookkeeper in BC. I found your website about a year ago (early 2013) and although I have over 5 years of experience in bookkeeping, I sometimes double check entries or look for updates to rules and regulations on your website. You are really providing a very, very valuable service to small business owners and other bookkeepers alike. I hope that you are able to capitalize on that! Thank you!

Kristy Senger, Axiom Core Bookkeeping

Hi there! 

I just wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC this website is! 

I have recently decided to embark on the adventure of starting my own bookkeeping company and, although I have 4 years experience in bookkeeping/general accounting as well as my Business Accounting Diploma and am finishing up my Bachelors degree, I had no idea where to start! 

Your website has been incredibly helpful and I really appreciate your reminders to sip my tea!

 You have included so much information that is difficult to find anywhere else and it is very nice to hear suggestions from your own personal experience as a book keeper rather than looking up random things on Google or Wikipedia or having to read through 25 pages of a book just to find the one sentence I am looking for. 

I also enjoy the pictures of the lake and pine trees. I am in love with BC and plan to move in the next few years as my boyfriend is from the Kootenay Lake area.

 Anyways, just a note to say thanks!

 Have a great day. 

Someone you've helped!

Erin, Calgary, AB Canada

Your website is excellent, friendly, easy to understand and very informative.

Vladimir, Niagara Falls, ON Canada

First, thanks for the very informative info on claiming ITC's [for business use of your personal vehicles] and your dad is right, don't try and understand it. I have a 1st Class Honours Degree in engineering and I can't follow the logic!. […] Of all the material I have read on ITC's yours is the only one I understood (I think).

Robert, Toronto, ON Canada

I love your site. Finally, some advice that's easy to read and understand. Thank you!

Kamryn, Red Deer, AB Canada

This is the BEST information site I have found for bookkeepers.

A small business owner in Canada who does their own books

Lake, Have you put together an information source for Year End Accounting Procedures? Your Month End Procedures are a godsend. I look forward to seeing what you put out.

K.D. Richmond, BC Canada

A concise and practical explanation of the topics.

Isha, Vancouver, BC Canada.

I found your site on a google search and I love it. You make bookkeeping interesting and have a unique approach! This website has been very helpful in the unique way you have presented bookkeeping material. You actually make it a fun activity, not everyone can say that! Thanks for the advice! All the best.

Barbara, Ottawa, ON Canada

I love the professionalism [of the Bookkeeping-Essentials site] with a hint of "down to earth".

Terri, Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

[I found this site through ...] Google search - not sure if 2nd or 3rd page but I kept going till I found something that might help. [This website has helped ...] Considerably! It's pretty easy to navigate, down-to-earth, with a good perspective on life in business and vice versa (tea breaks! non-human office assistants! SYTYCD likes!)

Wendy, Barrie, ON Canada

Been coming to the site for some time. Love the laid back "lake" feel. Reminds me of summers in Michigan when I was young. Great to have someone paving the way from corporate craziness to a more serene life far from the madding crowd. I see a field full of Katahdin Hair Sheep when I walk out my back door, but I'm a bookkeeper when I'm looking out the window. You've helped make that happen. Thank you!

Marie, New Richmond, U.S.A.

I Love, love, LOVE this site! Did I mention I love it?! I do my own bookkeeping with QuickBooks and whenever I am stuck on something, I refer to your website and find exactly what I'm looking for to help. Everything is explained so well, in plain English and easy to follow. This site has been helpful many times, but most recently, with GST filing. I filed for the first time this year and when I went to file the next quarter, the numbers hadn't cleared from the previous quarter and everything seemed to be a mess. I found out on your website that I had filed with the CRA but did not complete it in QuickBooks. By following your steps, I sorted it out and it was a very easy fix. Phew! Thanks!

Cara, Calgary, AB, Canada

Thanks for the information. It is nice to see there is an online site where I can go get answers to my bookkeeping questions. It was really a stroke of luck I came across this site. I googled my bookkeeping question to see if I could get an answer, a shot in the dark, and bookkeeping-essentials was one of the results listed. I looked over some other sites but none were as flexible as this site. I got a quick response and I will be using this site in the future. Thanks again.

Bayside, NY, United States

I love your site...its very homey!!! It's like reading/talking to a friend!! Thanks!!

Kim, Jackson, MS United States

Your website is positively BRILLIANT! I don't care at all for the numbers side of my business, but you've made it interesting, fun, comfortable--downright enjoyable! Bite-sized WELL WRITTEN bits walking me through fundamentals, encouraging me, explaining. (Note: "well written" covers everything from "interesting" to "intelligent." The reader doesn't stumble over elementary grammar errors, lots of typos, etc.) I've only just discovered this lovely gold mine!

Cherie, U.S.

I have just come across your site and it's great...thank you so much for the time it must take you to compile the data and information. I have no accountancy or book keeping knowledge and am currently trying to learn QuickBooks via YouTube. (lol) There must be an easier way as I don't have the time or finances, what with starting a new business, to attend a course at college or similar.

Debbie, Vancouver, BC Canada

As a novice at the bookkeeping game, this site has become my go to site for research. Thank you for the great resource. I do my data entry one or twice a year (very low volume) and I find I need retraining on QuickBooks for things like depreciation/CCA.

Den, St. Albert, AB Canada

A More Than FANTASTIC site! So often I've thought about putting something together like your site, but didn't have the time. Googling information about Supplies or Tools over under $500.00 was the most useful Google search I've ever done because of discovering your site. Way to go and THANKS VERY MUCH. PS.... Also loved it that you put the Tax chart for GST HST back to 1997; I spent hours trying to get this information from the CRA website. I've not had time to look at your whole site, but I will be refering to it often I'm sure and will mention anything I think is missing, should I not discover information as I might be looking for it. Thanks, Again

Leona, Sicamous, BC Canada

I love your website. Just love it.

CPB Bookkeeping, Inc.
"The Organizer"
Lake Worth, FL

Thank you for your comprehensive reply to my question. I really appreciate the time you took to explain it to me.

Connie, Canada

This is an absolutely awesome site! I am not lying. I went to Chapters to try to find something just like this and they did not have what I was looking for - which your site does ... which is good definitions and explanations. I am going to book mark this page if that's okay. ... Great job and thank you. I will definitely use this resource.

Paul, Lethbridge, Alberta

My biggest problem in doing my books is keeping debits & credits straight in liability and equity accounts. I really liked the cheat sheet. (I think that will help me keep the debits and credits straight.)

Lisa, Williston, USA

Lake you're awesome in every way. I have had some insight about how to properly classify some accounts.

Karim, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for this website. I am interviewing for my first bookkeeping position in over 10 years--and my first in Canada. I have AAS degrees in Accounting and Business Admin from the US but have never worked in "my field" since immigrating in 2000. Your website makes me feel more confident I can actually do the job I am interviewing for. So far, I have been refreshing my knowledge and preparing for a job interview. I've bookmarked the site for WHEN I get the job!

Robin, Toronto, ON

I posted a question on Accumulated Surplus and you asked me to comment on your comments. I really appreciated reading what you posted and it did help. Especially the part of talking to the accountant. That really makes sense. I find more and more that I interact with the accountants to keep on learning. Love Love Love your website. Just discovered it about 3 weeks ago and have been on it lots since then.

Red Deer, Alberta

Wow. I'm so thankful to have stumbled across your site, with the assistance of Google. :) I love your style of writing, your approach, and your message. Thank you for your time and efforts. In a nutshell, your light humor and simple approach is refreshing and uplifting.

Kathy, Hillsdale, United States

Your site is great by the way. I just came across it.

Trish, Canada

Thanks for responding so quickly ... I really appreciate all the forum help ... I do Love the forum and have looked through other questions on it and feel it will greatly help in the future. Your site is fantastic and I will recommend it to anyone asking about bookkeeping help.

Cindy, Calgary, Canada

It (your site) is very helpful and thank you for your tips and advice. I am so glad I found your site.

Lee, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for your hard work on your site ... I find I learn quicker and easier with you than I did with courses. Your site has helped my knowledge, learning new things and with the explanation of terms/items. Keep up the good "BookWORK"!

Naomi, Balance Your Books, Squamish, B.C.

This website has been very helpful. It's been too many years since school and I'm a bit rusty.

Sue, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I just found this site tonight. It's going to help me a lot as I learn how to use my QuickBooks more fully (I've only used it for payroll). Don't ask me how I've managed to keep the books this long -5 years- without knowing much more than how to balance a checkbook. I'm getting some help from a professional now, but your site will keep my pro costs down. Thank you. I will definitely donate once I begin to use it with my QuickBooks. It's [your site] easier to understand than Help in QuickBooks. QuickBooks assumes I know bookkeeping concepts. It [your site] appears to be very thorough, though I've only scratched the surface of what I can learn. I took an online bookkeeping class a couple of years ago, but this site has direct application to quickbooks and it's a searchable site!

Ruth, Dos Palos, CA USA

Thank you for providing valuable information regarding home business taxes on this website.

U.C., Toronto, Canada

I started my own bookkeeping business two years ago (2007) and enjoy your site. I literally grab my cup of coffee and look around for hours. :D It's a wonderful site with loads of information and I'm all about learning from my peers who might have the answers to some of the questions I may have. Keep up the good work. :)

Taking the worry away
Belledune, New Brunswick

BTW, did you say Bookkeeping? Cuz I fell asleep... just kidding!

Dr. Julia
(I love her humour! Check out her website if you want to lift your spirits.)

Absolutely a great site! I have often dreamed of having a similar site but figured I might have to wait until I retire to get the time. I have bookmarked this site and will return again.

Alwyn Enterprises
Scarborough , Ontario

You have a wonderful website. Thank you so much for letting me know you have one now. [It] is really well done and very, very informative. Also really charming.

Reliable Recordkeeping
Toronto, Ontario

I'm enjoying reading your blog! Thought I'd drop you a quick note of encouragement.

QuickBooks "one
on one" coaching
Edmonton, Alberta

This is a marvelous site and one that I would like to use as the basis for training bookkeepers. I am a CPA here in the states and am in the process of building a what will hopefully become a substantial bookkeeping business (not a dark wood & gold lettered CPA firm). I want to serve the small business owner with the day to day service they need. You have obviously put in an enormous amount of time and effort here (there is no doubt there) and provide a wealth of fantastic information.

R. Keith Pierce, CPA, P.A.
I'll Sweat The Small Stuff For You -
Jacksonville, Florida

This is a wonderful site and great information! My bookkeeping knowledge is rusty as I haven't used it in 20 years. I recently applied for a job, but wasn't advised prior to the interview that bookkeeping tasks was a must. I found myself unable to answer some of the questions and didn't get the job. With the information on your site I will be better prepared for the next interview. I've also been introduced to Quickbooks and find it so easy to use.
So, thank you for the wonderful site and for providing this information.

L. from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 2009

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