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Life was very good at Rainbow's End (my lake property) ... all sixteen years. I've moved and downsized now ... and am on to new adventures ... although I still miss living at the lake some days. Being creative about solving the problems life throws at you is a necessity. The way to reach your goal is not always a straight line.

Jan 27, 2020

Canadian Bookkeeping and Tax Rates

Compliance tax rates that would be of interest to Canadian small business owners and bookkeepers who work from home. Includes tax free automobile allowance rates.

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Jan 03, 2020

U.S. Self Employment Income - Self Employment Tax

Self employment income is subject to U.S. self employment tax ... updated to 2020. You'll find information on estimated taxes, standard mileage rates and U.S. rules for business use of your car.

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Dec 31, 2019

5 Tips for Business Owners Looking to Organize Their Books

What will your New Year's resolution be? If you're like most small business owners, your New Year's resolution will likely have something to do with

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Dec 23, 2019

CRA Auto Allowances | IRS Mileage Rates

What is CRA's tax free auto allowance for 2020? What is the IRS standard mileage rate for 2020? Find these and other business travel rates here.

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Dec 23, 2019

Tax Compliance in Canada | Small Business Due Dates

Canadian tax compliance due dates updated monthly. Also notes and references for 2019/2020 tax season deadlines, GST/HST, payroll source deductions, T4 and T4A information returns, WCB.

Continue reading "Tax Compliance in Canada | Small Business Due Dates"

Dec 23, 2019

CRA News for Home Based Business Owners

CRA news to help Canadian business owners doing their own bookkeeping keep abreast of relevant changes and announcements. You can stop worrying now whether you are up-to-date with government updates!

Continue reading "CRA News for Home Based Business Owners"

Dec 21, 2019

CRA and IRS Interest Rates | Small Business

CRA and IRS interest rates for corporate loans to shareholders, installment sales, under and over payment of taxes

Continue reading "CRA and IRS Interest Rates | Small Business"

Dec 21, 2019

Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada

Updated monthly. Canadian tax filing deadlines and due dates for GST/HST, PST, payroll source deductions, T4 and T4A information returns, WCB, business income tax returns.

Continue reading "Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada"

Nov 04, 2019

Current Payroll Tax Rates | Canadian Bookkeeping

2020 CPP rates released November 1, 2019. 2020 EI rates were released Sep. 13, 2019. Find current Canadian payroll tax rates and tips ... so you can meet your payroll compliance obligations.

Continue reading "Current Payroll Tax Rates | Canadian Bookkeeping"

Oct 15, 2019

IRS News For U.S. Work From Home Business Owners

IRS news and other information that would be of interest to U.S. business owners who do their own bookkeeping or work from home bookkeepers. News on 2020 COLA & FICA.

Continue reading "IRS News For U.S. Work From Home Business Owners"

Sep 26, 2019

US & Canadian Bookkeeper News and Handy Reference Page

The Bookkeeper News and Reference Page is for the hard working, self-employed business owner. Find U.S. and Canadian small business news ...

Continue reading "US & Canadian Bookkeeper News and Handy Reference Page"

Sep 04, 2019

Ablii Workflow | QBO Intgegration

Automate sending business payments online with an Ablii workflow. Seamlessly integrates with QBO. Multiple approvals available. $0.75 for each domestic transaction.

Continue reading "Ablii Workflow | QBO Intgegration"

Aug 26, 2019

Meals with Wife | CRA

Can I claim meals with my wife as a business deduction? We talk about the business at some point during the meal.

Continue reading "Meals with Wife | CRA"

Aug 24, 2019

Plooto Workflow | QBO Integration

Automate sending and receiving payments online with a Plooto workflow. Seamlessly integrates with QBO. Dual stage authorization. $25 per month monthly fees introduced effective August 31, 2019.

Continue reading "Plooto Workflow | QBO Integration"

Aug 09, 2019

Cell Phones and CRA

Editor: links updated 2019-08 Are cell phones fully deductible? My client is using 2 cell phone and I am not sure if they are both fully deductible.

Continue reading "Cell Phones and CRA"

Apr 26, 2019

Chrome Browser Features | QBO Workflow

Tips on how to optimize Chrome browser features for cloud accounting software like QBO (QuickBooks Online) and other cloud accounting related software. You need to know this stuff if you are using QBO!

Continue reading "Chrome Browser Features | QBO Workflow"

Mar 17, 2019

Minimum Wage Rates in Canada by Province

Canadian minimum wage rates and links to provincial and territorial employment standards - good for backwork; hours of work compliance; unclaimed/uncashed pay cheques

Continue reading "Minimum Wage Rates in Canada by Province"

Mar 07, 2019

Place of Supply Rules For GST & HST

Effective May 1, 2010, the place of supply rules for IPP and services changes. They are now based on customer location. New QST rules for non-residents went into effect in 2019. Learn about online sales, out-of-province sales, non-resident sales.

Continue reading "Place of Supply Rules For GST & HST"

Feb 18, 2019

Common Bookkeeping Entries - Journal Entry Examples

How to record some common bookkeeping entries that require special treatment with accounting journal entry examples ... for the work from home business owner who does their own bookkeeping.

Continue reading "Common Bookkeeping Entries - Journal Entry Examples"

Feb 18, 2019

Basic Bookkeeping Entries - Accounting Journal Entry Examples

Examples of and links to basic bookkeeping entries and accounting journal entries ... for the work from home business owner who does their own books.

Continue reading "Basic Bookkeeping Entries - Accounting Journal Entry Examples"

Feb 17, 2019

Where Did All My Cash Go? | Focus On Bookkeeping

This article on how to read your cash flow statement was first published in August 2011 in The Bookkeeper's Notes. I present it here as a handy reference.

Continue reading "Where Did All My Cash Go? | Focus On Bookkeeping"

Feb 13, 2019

Inventory Returns | Learning QuickBooks

How to book the inventory return of damaged goods and make them available for resale AS IS using the QuickBooks Online platform.

Continue reading "Inventory Returns | Learning QuickBooks"

Feb 10, 2019

CBSA Duties and GST Payable | Learning QuickBooks

Learn how to record Canada Border Services Agency amounts due -- CBSA duties and CBSA GST -- in QuickBooks Online.

Continue reading "CBSA Duties and GST Payable | Learning QuickBooks"

Jan 30, 2019

Processing Supplier Refunds | Learning QuickBooks

How to handle a supplier refund in QuickBooks Online as well as a supplier credit. There is a link to a shortcut method that even handles sales tax simply and effectively!

Continue reading "Processing Supplier Refunds | Learning QuickBooks"

Jan 09, 2019

Why You Need An Employment Contract

Act carefully when dismissing an employee if you do not have a written employment contract. Learn how a written employment contract for every employee hired reduces your liability for damages.

Continue reading "Why You Need An Employment Contract"

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