Classifying the Bookkeeper Position

by Shannon

Is a bookkeeper considered a management position or a clerical position?

Is a bookkeeper considered a management position or a clerical position?

I asked my employer for clarification as to where my position as the company bookkeeper lies. Her response was that my job lies in the "grey area", could someone please enlighten me as to what the "grey area" is?

I also do the payroll and am the plan administrator for the company benefits for the employees.

Thank you for any help that will help clarifying this for me!

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Hey Shannon,

Sorry I'm so late in responding to this post.

Your boss is right, in a small business your position is in a grey area. I'd most likely classify your position as a senior position but not necessarily a management position.

If you download Robert Half's 2014 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance, you'll see all the various bookkeeping positions possible. If you are looking for a pay increase, this is a good place to see where your duties fall in their guide. On Page 16 of the guide, there is also a calculator to help you adjust the reported salaries to various large cities in Canada.

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