Employee Credit Card Reconciling

Employee Credit Card Reporting

Employee Credit Card Reporting

My client wants an individual reconciliation report for each employee.

If the total payment is being applied to the "parent account", how am I go get the employee cards to balance out?

When asked for the ending balance, should I put $0 for the employee or put their total in and try to divide the larger payment to cover each employee's total. for that month?

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I think what the employer wants is to review employee spending as it sounds like the company pays each employee's credit card balance.

If that is the case, I'd do a customized report where you are only reporting the expenses not the payments. If you are using QuickBooks, I'd try the following:

1. Create a Transaction Detail by Account report found under the Reports>Accountant and Taxes menu.
2. With the report open, customize the report. Begin with a click on Customize Report.
3. Look for Total By in the columns section. Select Employee.
4. Click on Filters tab.
5. Filter the report by account and select the Credit Card account in the liability section.
6. Click on Header/Footer tab.
7. Change the report title to Employee Credit Card Expense Report.
8. Click on ok.
9. Click on the Memorize button to save the report for easy use ... consider adding it to your icon bar by going to the View drop down menu.

Without testing it, I think that would work. You might play around with it to only include what your client wants to see.

For example, in step 5, I'd start with the credit card parent account but depending on what you get, I might deselect that and then choose all the individual sub-accounts only excluding the parent account where the payments are applied.

Or perhaps you didn't set up the credit card transactions as attached to the employee. Then in step 3, you might want to sort by account instead of employee.

While you are playing around, look in the Search Filter section and see if there is something better to search by or filter by.

On the Display tab, you might want to look at Search Columns to see if there are any columns you want to add to make the report easier to read. For example if multiple currencies are involved then I'd be inclined to add Foreign Amount if it's available ... or perhaps the Memo section. You get the idea.

Let me know if that works for you and your client.

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