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4 Part Series On Canadian Payroll

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Part 1

Canadian payroll tax deductions

Payroll Tax Deductions
Employee Taxable Benefits

Part 2

Canadian payroll tax rates - current Ei and CPP rates

2024 EI & CPP Rates
Paying Employees With Cash

Part 3

Canadian subcontracting reporting requirements

CRA Subcontracting
Reporting Requirements

Part 4

Minimum wage rates and provincial labor standards

Minimum Wages
Provincial Labor Standards

Table of Contents
for Series

Canadian Payroll Series Table of Contents and Forum

Payroll Q&A

Canadian Payroll Tax Deductions Index

What You'll Find In This Chat ...

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Canadian Payroll Tax Deductions

Part 2 - Payroll Tax Rates and Topics

Part 3 - Canadian Subcontracting and
T4A Information Slips

Part 4 - Minimum Wage Rates and
Provincial Labor Standards

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QuickBooks and PD7A  
It is year end and pp26 ran Dec. 4-17/2011 and was paid Dec. 22/2011. As the tax return is on a cash basis this makes me understand that the last pay …

Vacation Pay In British Columbia 
Is the 6% vacation pay figure on gross wages and commissions in British Columbia to be paid only after year five? For example, 4% would up to and including …

Bookkeeping work that was previously unpaid volunteer work is now receiving a monthly honorarium. This is for a soccer assoc. so I guess they aren't …

Employee Gifts 
Gifts - Other Expense or Wage Expense? Business is a Sole Proprietor: 1)Employer gives a “xmas gift” (not cash or near-cash or award) to employees …

Learning Payroll 
How do I go about learning to do payroll? I want to start my own business and I know the basics of bookkeeping but not payroll. Is there anywhere free …

Manual Payroll 
My son just started his own business in the construction industry and has asked me to do his books. I agreed :( He has a Quickbooks accounting software …

RC107 Remittance Voucher for Current Source Deductions 
Some payment and remittance vouchers are not available online as they are pre-printed personalized forms using MICR technology. You can find a list …

Double Employment Not rated yet
Please advise if it is legal to work for the same company as an employee and sub-contractor at the same time. S/he will receive both a T4 and T5016 at …

Partners and Wages Not rated yet
A partner has decided he wants deductions taken off the last monies he has already taken. He also now wants to go on payroll. Can he do this? And would …

Over Under Remitting Payroll Source Deductions Not rated yet
I work at a firm in my city. I am a bookkeeper right now. There is something that I don't understand. We have a client who is incorporated. We send spreadsheets …

How to Verify An Employee's Pay Cheque Is Calculated Correctly Not rated yet
As an employer, have you ever wanted to verify if an employee's pay was calculated correctly? Here is a quick lesson on how to do just that. Go to the …

Buying Employees a Meal Not rated yet
When an employer takes an employee out for lunch while on a business trip, how is the 50% applied or an employee pays for their lunch while away for business? …

TD1 Additional Tax Deducted Not rated yet
Income tax for a person living in Quebec but working in Ontario Just wondering how much more this person can deduct on a bi-weekly basis to reduce …

Vacation Pay Over/Underpayment  Not rated yet
Overpayment/underpayment of vacation pay to employees no longer employed I have been looking through reports of accrued vacation pay and noticed …

How does T5 reporting period end Not rated yet
How does T5 reporting period end? I closed my corporation last month. I had dividends which I received in 2010 (T5). CRA has sent me a re-assessment …

CPP Overpayments | Base Rate Exemption Not rated yet
CPP overpayment due to company re-incorporation The company I work for recently re-incorporated due to sale/re-investment by investors. The company …

Transportation to the Job Not rated yet
I want to pay my employees part of their gas because they live a distance from the job - but it IS THEIR REGULAR JOB, we are not talking about different …

T4s Not Released On Time Not rated yet
T4s not released by the accountant on time Who can I speak to for a company not releasing my T4s yet? And what can I do about it? (Web master's …

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