Canadian Sales Tax Guide
GST HST in Canada

by L. Kenway BComm CPB Retired

Revised April 16, 2024 | Published August 2010

A Guide to Understanding GST HST in Canada
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GST/HST Guide Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Registering for GST HST

Registering For GST/HST

How to file a GST HST return

How To File A
GST HST Return

Place of Supply Rules

Place of Supply Rules 
Charge the Right Rate!

HST Invoice Presentation Rules

Invoice Presentation Rules

Canadian sales tax

Basics of PST in BC, What's Taxable 


GST HST in Canada - Table Of Contents

Home Business TaxesGST HST Guide


I Understanding GST HST

II GST HST Registration

III Bookkeeping for GST HST

IV Managing GST HST Reporting

V Navigating Special Cases

VI Important Considerations for Small Business Owners

VII Dealing with Audits

MORE >> Audit Process

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