Downloading QBO Attachments in a Batch

by Laura
(Western Canada)

While reading and participating in various online bookkeeping groups, I noticed the question is arising as to how you can download all the attachments in QuickBooks Online (QBO) in one batch.

The COVID19 pandemic means ... unfortunately ... there are businesses having to closing permanently. Some businesses upload their receipts directly to QBO and ... I'm guessing here ... did not retain a copy of the uploaded receipts. ( I recommend you always keep a copy of all your receipts whether paper or in pdf format somewhere else than just QBO. For pdf copies, LedgerDocs document management software for bookkeeping is an affordable solution ... or store them on your own computer.)

You can always download an attachment for a single entry by opening the bookkeeping entry, clicking on the attachment, then clicking on the download button. But this is not feasible when you need to grab a copy of ALL your receipts in QBO so you can close your QBO account down to avoid paying the monthly fee ... even if your account is inactive. Personally I wish QBO would offer an optional affordable annual fee to maintain an "inactive" company file for seven years.

The question of downloading QBO attachments in bulk intrigued me so I started searching Google. Here is what I found from the QuickBooks Learning Community:

James explained "the steps in exporting the attachments. Here's how to do

- Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Attachments.
- Mark the attachments you want to export.
- Click the Batch actions button and select Export.
- Extract the downloaded zip file to your computer."

Addie added:

"If you'd like to filter the attachments by transaction type for download, click the column that says Type above the list of attachments. Then, check the boxes next to the type of transactions you'd like to export. Then follow the instructions above to export them.

Whether these files go to the same folder or one single folder may depend on your computer and settings. If they come through individually, I recommend creating a 'parent' folder to store them all in the same location for your convenience."

I hope this helps out others having this problem ... and I'm very sorry these unusual times meant you have lost your business.

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