Foreign Workers in the U.S. - A Free Webinar

by Bookkeeping-Essentials
(BC, Canada)

The IRS has a free webinar to answer questions regarding wage payments to nonresident aliens (ie. a Canadian working in the U.S.) and vendor payments to foreign individuals or businesses (ie. Canadian businesses who do business in the U.S.).

The webinar will answer these questions*:

  • When to file a Form 1042/1042-S for payments to foreign persons?

  • How visa types impact employment tax reporting and payment provisions?

  • What to do when documentation from a nonresident alien does not satisfy the requirements of the Form W-4?

The free webinar titled "International Issues-Payments Made to Foreign Persons-A Basic Overview for Government Entities" will be held on May 12, 2011. You can register here:

If you miss the webinar, you will find a link to the webcast on the IRS website.

You can find a listing of other webcasts and resources too at> Government Entities> Federal, State, & Local Gov'ts> Tax Information for Federal, State, & Local Governments .

* Extracted from the FSLG (IRS Office of Federal, State, and Local Governments) newsletter Issue Number: 05-05-2011

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