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by Dave

T2125 Part 1 - Business Income - 2 reporting options

T2125 Part 1 - Business Income - 2 reporting options

Hello all,

I am trying to get my 2010 taxes filed and am running into some confusion.

I am a computer consultant providing computer services strictly in Alberta.

I am using the Quick Method for GST and understand that line 101 needs to reflect the total amount of income INCLUDING the GST I charged.

So for simplicity lets say that is $100,000 in service + $5000 in GST.

So that goes on Line 101 of the GST return.

And then the amount I pay is calculated @ $105,000 * .036 = $3780 - $300 (1% of first $30,000)= $3480

The question I have is what amount do I put on my T2125 in the Gross Sales, Commissions or Fees box?

$100,000 or $105,000


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Hey Dave,

If you look closely at Part 1 - Business Income on the T2125 schedule, you get a choice of how to report it.

If line A includes GST, then you back it out on line B. If line A doesn't include GST, then Line B would be zero.

As you are reporting your sales figures including GST on your GST return, I would report your income including GST on line A ... so the amount clearly ties to the amount reported on your GST Return.

But hey that's just the bookkeeper in me. I like to clearly see where a number comes from or goes to ... and I think auditors do too!

I've included a snap shot for you (see above) of Part 1 - Business Income. You can see I've highlighted in red the section where you back out your GST.

Hope this helps.

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