I notice you are in Canada?

(Georgia, USA)

I notice that you are in Canada? Are you? And if I am in the U.S. will I be able to use your site as a reference? Because I hope so, it is AWESOME!!!!!

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Hi Georgia USA! :0)

I am a CPB-Certified Professional Bookkeeper in Canada.

GAAP as it relates to small business bookkeeping is very similar between the United States and Canada. There are some differences. When I stumble upon any differences, I try to make a note.

Our tax laws have differences. Whenever I present tax information, I try to find a reference to direct my U.S. visitors.

I have many U.S. visitors, so I think it is fairly safe to use this site as a reference. I am currently taking a U.S. course on small business bookkeeping. The differences have all related to tax treatment ... and they have been minor.

I am in the process right now of setting up a U.S. tax information page.

When referencing the site, if you share your knowledge when / where you see mine is lacking, I'll edit or add to my information ... or publish your page.

It tickles me pink when I learn that visitors are finding my information useful ... and hopefully practical. I hope you drop into the forum often! Have a fabulous week!

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Aug 25, 2010
Thank You!
by: Georgia USA

Thank you so much!!!!! And you should be tickled pink-because your site ROCKS!! I have been looking and wishing for a site like this...and it's clear I got it and more.

I am taking over the bookkeeping at my work, I do have skills as a bookkeeper; however they are rusty simply because it was only my job to help the bookkeeper here. He walked out last week, and I am trying to figure out what the "very important things and deadlines" are so I can be looking for them and into them......does that make sense? Basically I'm worried that I may miss something and I'm trying to prevent that....

I do see your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and year-end checklist; and I know they will help......do you have anymore suggestions?

*Thanks for your help & your amazing site!

Aug 25, 2010
Customize The Checklists
by: Bookkeeping-Essentials

The only thing I can add is that you have to customize the checklists for your business. The list I provide is really just a starting point. Add to it as you figure things out and develop a routine.

When you see routine tasks, create a template so that you are not always recreating the wheel.

Make sure you read the article on The Monthly Financial Review. It teaches you how to proof your work ... or if/when you hire another bookkeeper ... their work.

Good Luck Georgia USA!

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