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What is the standard rate for bookkeepers? I realize experience would play a part in that.

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Check out my article on How Does a Bookkeeper Charge?.

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Oct 25, 2013
Am I undercharging?
by: Vickey, Los Angeles, CA

Hi again,

I work in Los Angeles, where people are very strange about money. They'll pay $450.00 a week for Pilates, but they want to pay the least amount that they can to the person that handles their money.

On the other hand, the less you charge, the less respect you get.

How do I know if I'm undercharging, which I suspect that I am, and how do I turn the situation around?

I'm very good at my job, but I have low self-esteem!

Thank you for your help.

Oct 25, 2013
Intuit Rate Survey
by: Lake


Every two years, Intuit does a billing rate survey based on responses from accountants and bookkeepers.

Michelle Long has posted the 2011 results on her website:


I'm not sure if they have completed their 2013 survey yet. You can try the following link to see if the survey is still open for you to participate:


You might want to read my chat on setting your rate by following the link in the original post.

Aug 30, 2016
Bookkeeping Specialty
by: Neil from Batte Ground, Wa

I'm getting certified in bookkeeping. Once I am certified, should I choose an area to specialize in such as payroll, bringing books up to date and organized, etc?

Aug 30, 2016
by: Lake

Visit Gabrielle at thefreelancebookkeeper.com. She has a great blog that walks you through all of these types of decisions.

Good luck with your business. I wish you much success!

Oct 23, 2016
Full-Charge Bookkeeper Rates
by: JP from New Mexico


What would you charge a full-time full charge bookkeeping job as a flat monthly rate as a subcontractor?

Oct 23, 2016
by: Lake

type "Bookkeeping Service Fee Structure" into my search box.

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