Recording CBSA Assessed GST as ITC?

by Julia
(Burnaby, BC)

How do you input a Canada Border Services Agency invoice?

How do you input a Canada Border Services Agency invoice?

Hi, I'm having trouble figuring how to record GST assessed by CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) on goods imported.

We purchased the items as supplies (not being resold) from the US. No GST was applied to the vendor's invoice. I entered the invoice as supplied and recorded the purchase to the US firm and our subsequent payment. Once goods arrives at the border, the CBSA assesses GST on the items and issue us their invoice for GST and duty on the imported goods.

My question is how to record the GST assessed with QuickBooks so the GST we pay is tracked as an ITC? I know that posting to GST Payable isn't recommended and when I try, I get a sales tax exception. Normally with Canadian bills, the GST is calculated automatically and is treated as an ITC and appears automatically on the Sales Tax Report. Any advice you have would be most appreciated.

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Hi Julie,

Enter the CBSA invoice received as a bill. I would select the same expense category as your original purchase with a zero dollar value and a GST sales tax code. In the description field, I would reference the invoice number and date of the U.S. purchase. If there were any additional fees invoiced, entered these as well. Then I would tab down to the GST input field and manually input / override the amount of the GST assessed. Save the transaction.

To be sure everything was booked the way I wanted, I would reopen the transaction and take a look at the transaction journal for the entry. (How you open a transaction journal differs for desktop vs the online version.)

When you are ready to pay the CBSA invoice, do so through Pay Bills.

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