Sources of Income on T4s

by Trish

I am using Simply Accounting and have some employees that are reimbursed for mileage and supplies.

On their 'income' tab for each of them, I have allowed/used 'kilometers' and 'supplies' so that these appear on their paycheques for reimbursement.

This works well all year long as I can pay them out their expenses with every paycheque. However, I am finding, that at T4 time, both the kilometers and supplies are being added to their total Income on the T4. This should not be.

How do I eliminate this from happening?

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Sorry Trish, I don't use Sage 50 (Simply Accounting), so can't help you. Hopefully one of the other readers can.

Unless reimbursements are attracting taxable benefits, I personally would not run them through payroll but issue separate reimbursement cheques with supporting documentation as backup to support the payment. I know that doesn't help you now but something to consider for the future.

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Reimbursement to employees in income on T4
by: Anonymous

Hi Trish, I work with Simply Accounting every day and do the payroll for different companies.

Reimbursement for employees is not income so it should not appear on a T4. If you go into settings in payroll you can create Reimbursement under, for example, Income 3.

You have to erase all the check marks because no tax,EI, or CPP is paid on this amount. When you make a payroll cheque you will find Reimbursement on the right side of the screen. Just fill in the amount.

In the payroll journal entry you can see where the amount of the reimbursement is posted on. This account should be zero at all times so you can make an adjusting journal entry and post it from this account to the right account.

Hope this helps

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Thank you Henny.

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