Deduction Totals

When calculating the total costs of things like gas, meals, or office equipment, is the total before any taxes paid at time of sale? Or do you base each receipt on the after tax total?

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You aren't going to like my answer ... it depends on whether you are a GST/HST registrant, and/or whether you are using one of CRA's simplified methods of accounting.

Here are a selection of articles to check out that may help you decide which is appropriate for your situation:

How to Record GST/HST Using a Manual Accounting System

How to Record Sales Tax If You Are Not a GST/HST Registrant

The Quick Method of Accounting ... I'm not a fan of this method

Two Alternative Methods of Accounting for GST/HST ... again I'm not a fan of either the Quick Method or the Simplified Method

Sorry that there isn't a simple answer to your question without more details.

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