Filing Systems for Invoices and Bills

by Sheryl
(Burlington, ON Canada)

How do you organize your unpaid vs. paid bills and invoices?

How do you organize your unpaid vs. paid bills and invoices?

Are there any good filing system methods for invoices - so that you know what's been paid and unpaid?

Similar question with bills - so I know what's been paid or not?

I've tried colour coding, but it doesn't work too great for me - I have too many colours!

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Hi Sheryl,

I have a few articles on the site with suggestions. Here they are:

  • How to Get Your Office Organized - Simple Filing System Suggestions;

  • A Portable Document Filing System;

  • Paperless Technology - Organize Your Documents With The Paperless Organization Guide;

  • Also, at the bottom of the first article, you will find numerous links to additional notes/references on filing systems.

    You might want to consider modifying the portable filing system (second article) to solve your problem.

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Best Filing System Products for Bookkeeping
    by: Lake

    I've created an index to all my chats and product recommendations for organizing your bookkeeping source documents, invoices and receipts. You'll find it here.

    I find there is no one best as it depends on what your objectives are and the type of business you run.

    May 28, 2013
    Binder and file folders
    by: Astrlhunter

    I use a binder (or binders) for unpaid invoices separated by alphabetical file separators, and filefolders in alphabetical order for paid invoices in file cabinet. The best system ever!

    Aug 18, 2013
    Filing system for unpaid bills
    by: Anonymous

    Depending on which client I am working on I use an alphabetical accordion file folder (limited number of papers) or a plastic storage file box with alphabetical file folders (large number of papers).

    I post my vendor invoices and file them in one of these 2 systems.

    I also file things that need to be attached to invoices but haven't received the invoices yet to post - such as packing slips, vendor statements, freight bills charged to vendors, etc. After paying I attach the cheque stubs to the invoices and file in filing cabinets.

    About once every 2 months I will go through it to deal with items left that are still sitting in there from previous months.

    As for paid or unpaid sales invoices, I rely on the accounting software to let me know what's still unpaid - I also file these in numerical order. Sometimes they are filed in binders if related to construction projects.

    I find this system works the best for me .

    May 29, 2016
    Filing Unpaid versus Paid invoices
    by: Heather

    I have set some clients up with an alphabetical accordion file folder. All unpaid invoices are filed in there and pulled out when paid to put into regular filing system for paid vendor invoices.

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