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Bookkeeping File Organization

I'm sorry. Pat Dutched's eBook "Bookkeeping in a Box" is no longer for sale. She has retired.

You will find other articles on how to organize your files by clicking on the index link below. You can also ask your file organization questions in the forum below.

A series of chats of how to organize files and business receipts for work from home business owners.

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Home Office File Organization

The Best and The Worst Filing Experiences

Do you have a great story about Home Office File Organization? Do you have a filing system that works? What do you do to tame the paper jungle? Were you ever in a horrible mess? How did you climb out of it?

Share your story, your expertise. Make us laugh. Make us groan ...

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Simple Filing Systems - The Best and The Worst

When you are feeling isolated because you work from home, sometimes it helps to remind yourself what you've already accomplished and how you've solved a problem! Here's solutions to filing when you have a home office.

I've got to say, if you are using the "Shoebox" filing system ... one shoebox for the year with receipts not sorted ... that is the worst filing there is ... but at least it's a system. ;0)

You can help make Simple Filing Systems better by adding your comments and ratings to one or more of the contributions.

5 Tips for Business Owners Looking to Organize Their Books 
What will your New Year's resolution be? If you're like most small business owners, your New Year's resolution will likely have something to do with …

Tame That Paperwork 
What can I say, I'm guilty of not filing some paperwork when I should. Some paperwork has piled up on various surfaces, in this or that file, placed …

My Easy Filing System 
If you have a home-based business, I suggest you spend $6 at Walmart, and buy yourself a portable accordion file (has a handle on it). Office supply stores …

Destruction of Bank Statements 
How long should you keep bank records for? Hey No Name No City, Please read my article on "record retention" to find the answer to your question. …

Filing Systems for Invoices and Bills 
Are there any good filing system methods for invoices - so that you know what's been paid and unpaid? Similar question with bills - so I know what's …

Setting Up Your System 
I was reading my e-copy of Document Snap's Paper Cuts newsletter. He had an excellent link and comments on a blog titled Want to be organized? Know …

Filing Paper by Ledger Account a Disaster! 
The worst method I have ever ran across is filing vendor invoices/expenses by ledger account instead of chronologically or by vendor. When trying …

Going Paperless ... Free eCourse 
I found this great site on how to go paperless. You can sign up for a free 7 week e-course that teaches you how.You will find information on how to …

FIle Organization - Periodically and Organized 
I found that Paper sized envelopes (or what ever you like best) is to be used. I do mine by month "Jan 2010" "Feb 2010" At the end of each month, …

Home Office Filing Systems ...
By Personality Type
Helen Buttigieg, author of Organizing Outside the Box , appeared on the CBC show Steven and Chris in February 2010 to show viewers how to organize …

Home Office Organization 
If you are looking for advice or ideas on getting your home office ready for business , you may be interested in a series of articles in The Mompreneur …

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