Setting Up Your System

by Lake
(Prince George)

I was reading my e-copy of Document Snap's Paper Cuts newsletter. He had an excellent link and comments on a blog titled Want to be organized? Know thyself..

It is definitely worth a read through. The paragraph Brooks quoted that caught my eye was:

"Someone who is easily distracted shouldn’t have an intricate paper filing system based on numbers and codes. Someone who takes his shoes off at the front door shouldn’t have a shoe organizing system in his bedroom. The more a system reflects how you live and your preferences, the more likely it is to work for you."

The closing sentence of this blog is key to making your bookkeeping filing system work for you ... and your accountant or tax auditor.

"Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can build an organizing system that will be easy for you to maintain and help keep your life less chaotic."

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