PST Filing

by Sara Letourneau
(Forest, Ontario, Canada)

My husband started a new business as a tool distributor in Ontario. His first day of sales was April 12, 2010. He collected GST and PST until June 30, 2010 when it changed to HST.

I am filling out the GST/HST remittance form for the year of 2010 for CRA. But I didn't receive a PST form for the 2 1/2 months he collected it. What am I supposed to do about the PST collection?

I think I was supposed to file by July 23, 2010. But I didn't even have the form by then. Is this a big problem? What should I do now? Thanks for your answer.

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Hi Sara,

I'd call the Ontario Ministry at 1 866 668-8297 and speak with them. Sorry can't help more than that as I don't know.

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