Running A Daycare Business In Your Home

by Abdenour
(Calgary, AB)

Bookkeeping for a Home Daycare Business

Bookkeeping for a Home Daycare Business

My wife is starting a day home and has one child for now. I’ll be looking after organizing all the receipts, etc.

Would you know a good accountant in Calgary to help with taxes; someone knowledgeable about home based business taxes, particularly with day homes and also reasonably priced?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Abdenour,

Sorry, I can't help you with referrals at this time. I am trying to setup a Bookkeeper's Directory right now where a bookkeeper will list their business including their speciality ... but it is not up and running yet.

If you are interested in working virtually, I may be able to assist you. Just contact me through my site for a quote.

CRA has information for tax payers who use their home for day care on their website.

If you look at their left hand navigation bar, go to Information for> Businesses. Click on the expand button. A list of businesses will appear including Daycare.

Here is the link information just in case you have trouble navigating to the correct area of the web site:

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Dec 14, 2011
by: Abdenour

Thanks a lot.

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