Travel Meals Limitation

Meals on Hotel Bills

Meals on Hotel Bills

Hi there!

I would like to begin by saying how I absolutely love this site and that it has been very helpful to my new bookkeeping business in the past year.

I read on the CRA site that the 50% meal limitation does not apply when meals are provided as part of airplane, train or bus cost.

My question is what about meals on hotel bills? Do I need to book those expenses separately as meals and apply the 50% limitation?

MaryAnn, Canada

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Hi MaryAnn,

I believe you were looking at travelling expenses where it says:

"The 50% limit also applies to the cost of food and beverages you paid for when you travelled on an airplane, train, or bus, as long as the ticket price did not include these amounts."

Yes you need to book your hotel meals separately.

Read about when the 50% limit does not apply here.

Read about the 50% meal limitations rules here.

Read about the special rules for meals at conventions here.

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