Organizing Incoming Client Papers

by Amie

Internal Business System For Bookkeeping Practice

Internal Business System For Bookkeeping Practice

Hi Everyone!

I'm just wondering how other bookkeepers handle the constant incoming flow of paperwork when dealing with multiple clients? I have a few big file cabinets I use to file all their paperwork once I have dealt with it of course, but where are you putting it when it's still on your "to-do" list?

It used to be easy when I only had a handful of clients, I could keep a file for each right on my workspace. I'm a fairly visual person and I like to be able to look right at those files so nothing gets forgotten about, tucked away in a file cabinet. However as my business has gotten busier, I just don't have the desk space to do this anymore! What are everyone else's methods for handling the paperflow so nothing gets forgotten about?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Amie,

Gabrielle Fontaine has a great program that has step-by-step instructions for setting up an internal business system to track your clients. Her program includes worksheets and templates. You can learn more here.

Brooks Duncan also has a paperless guide that walks you through how to organize piles of paper into an organized filing system. While his guide is to assist you in going paperless, the analysis process would be the same for organizing a paper filing system.

I know there is also software out there like ClientTrack that is designed for bookkeeping and accounting practices.

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Feb 03, 2014
Tips for keeping organized?
by: Rashelle, Calgary, Canada


I have worked as a bookkeeper for years but always full time for just one company.

I have decided to start a bookkeeping company and have a few clients already, but am having trouble keeping them "sorted".

Any tips or organizational tricks you can recommend? I'm generally well organized, but switching between multiple companies is proving a little tricky.

Feb 03, 2014
Tips for working on multiple client files
by: Lake


Check out the above post for access to an internal business system for a bookkeeping practice.

Once you have your internal tracking systems setup I recommend that you only work on one file at a time. This means you clean off your desk before you start on a file to avoid mixing any paperwork between clients.

If possible, try not to stop and start work on a file. Once you start on it, complete your processing before you move on.

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