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This picture is from my day trip to Stuart Lake in 2009. Doesn't looking at this picture just make you want to exhale ... it's okay you're allowed.

Image of seaplane moored on Stuart Lake. Life is good here.
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Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing
that we see too late the one that is open.

-- Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor --

Life was very good at Rainbow's End (my lake property) ... all sixteen years. I've moved and downsized now ... and am on to new adventures ... although I still miss living at the lake some days. Being creative about solving the problems life throws at you is a necessity. The way to reach your goal is not always a straight line.

Apr 11, 2017

Credit Card Bank Account

The company I work for has a credit card bank account and their main bank account. The person who does the bookkeeping (not me) has set up the accounting

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Mar 09, 2017

CRA and IRS Interest Rates | Small Business

CRA and IRS interest rates for corporate loans to shareholders, installment sales, under and over payment of taxes

Continue reading "CRA and IRS Interest Rates | Small Business"

Mar 09, 2017

Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada

Updated monthly. Canadian tax filing deadlines and due dates for GST/HST, PST, payroll source deductions, T4 and T4A information returns, WCB, business income tax returns.

Continue reading "Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada"

Mar 09, 2017

Tax Compliance in Canada | Small Business Due Dates

Canadian tax compliance due dates updated monthly. Also notes and references for 2016/2017 tax season deadlines, GST/HST, payroll source deductions, T4 and T4A information returns, WCB.

Continue reading "Tax Compliance in Canada | Small Business Due Dates"

Mar 09, 2017

Cell Phones and CRA

Are cell phones fully deductible? My client is using 2 cell phone and I am not sure if they are both fully deductible. Is there a rule on this? If using

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Feb 12, 2017

T4A Reporting | How to Use QuickBooks Online

As the February deadline approaches, we all scramble to aggregate information for T4A reporting. The T4As and T5018s information is not organically available (yet) in QBO. Here is a workaround option.

Continue reading "T4A Reporting | How to Use QuickBooks Online"

Feb 12, 2017

How To Send Sensitive Information Online

Sending sensitive information in an email is NOT a good idea. Explore your options on how to best transmit financial documents online and prevent identity theft.

Continue reading "How To Send Sensitive Information Online"

Feb 08, 2017

Small Business Accounting | Bookkeeping Basics

Small business accounting is accomplished by performing basic bookkeeping procedures consistently. Find examples of how to record basic journal entries and learn basic bookkeeping practices.

Continue reading "Small Business Accounting | Bookkeeping Basics"

Feb 07, 2017

Canadian Corporate Minute Book

Basic information on maintaining the corporate minute book and your annual registration requirements ... also referred to as The Annual Report.

Continue reading "Canadian Corporate Minute Book"

Feb 02, 2017

QBO-PayPal Data Sync

Do you want a QBO - PayPal data sync? There are three ways to import your PayPal transactions into QBO. Determine what option is best for you. Plus I share a low-tech method as well.

Continue reading "QBO-PayPal Data Sync"

Feb 01, 2017

Payroll Tax Deposits | 7 Steps To Meet Your Requirements

This chat discusses IRS payroll tax deposits ... and withholding requirements. To help you meet your compliance obligations, you'll also find current tax remitting and filing due dates too!

Continue reading "Payroll Tax Deposits | 7 Steps To Meet Your Requirements"

Feb 01, 2017

Small Business Tax Information | U.S. Work From Home Business Owners References

U.S. small business tax information helps small business owners learn their compliance responsibilities. Deadlines updated monthly, IRS interest rates, payroll taxes, self-employment income and more.

Continue reading "Small Business Tax Information | U.S. Work From Home Business Owners References"

Jan 28, 2017

Using Hubdoc to Upload Bank CSV Files to QBO

Hubdoc's powerful fetch function allows you to upload a bank csv file to QBO if a bank feed in QBO is not an option.

Continue reading "Using Hubdoc to Upload Bank CSV Files to QBO"

Jan 26, 2017

Handling Exchange Rate Fluctuations

I hope you can help me with the following (simplified) example of a problem that I'm facing. I'm self-employed, running a Canadian corporation dealing

Continue reading "Handling Exchange Rate Fluctuations"

Jan 12, 2017

How To Record A Double GST Payment?

I pay my GST annually once a year. I went to the bank and did so through the teller on October 15th for $500.00. On November 30th, the bank pulls the

Continue reading "How To Record A Double GST Payment?"

Jan 12, 2017

2016 Self Employment Taxes | FICA & CPP

Learn about self employment taxes for business owners working from their homes. You'll find information on US self employment tax (SICA) and required CPP contributions for the self employed in Canada.

Continue reading "2016 Self Employment Taxes | FICA & CPP "

Jan 12, 2017

U.S. Self Employment Income - Self Employment Tax

Self employment income is subject to U.S. self employment tax ... updated to 2017. You'll find information on estimated taxes, standard mileage rates and U.S. rules for business use of your car.

Continue reading "U.S. Self Employment Income - Self Employment Tax"

Jan 12, 2017

2017 Payroll Tax Deductions | U.S. & Canada

Payroll tax deductions are mandatory for small business owners in the U.S. and Canada. What is the employer's and employee's Social Security tax rate for 2017? What are the CPP and EI rates for 2017?

Continue reading "2017 Payroll Tax Deductions | U.S. & Canada"

Jan 12, 2017

CRA Auto Allowances | IRS Mileage Rates

What is CRA's tax free auto allowance for 2017? What is the IRS standard mileage rate for 2017? Find these and other business travel rates here.

Continue reading "CRA Auto Allowances | IRS Mileage Rates"

Jan 07, 2017

Minimum Wage Rates in Canada by Province

Canadian minimum wage rates and links to provincial and territorial employment standards; hours of work compliance; unclaimed/uncashed pay chequess

Continue reading "Minimum Wage Rates in Canada by Province"

Jan 05, 2017

CRA News for Home Based Business Owners

CRA news to help Canadian business owners doing their own bookkeeping keep abreast of relevant changes and announcements. You can stop worrying now whether you are up-to-date with government updates!

Continue reading "CRA News for Home Based Business Owners"

Jan 05, 2017

Canadian Bookkeeping and Tax Rates

Compliance tax rates that would be of interest to Canadian small business owners and bookkeepers who work from home.

Continue reading "Canadian Bookkeeping and Tax Rates"

Dec 31, 2016

5 Tips for Business Owners Looking to Organize Their Books

What will your New Year's resolution be? If you're like most small business owners, your New Year's resolution will likely have something to do with

Continue reading "5 Tips for Business Owners Looking to Organize Their Books"

Dec 31, 2016

Change P&L for Mortgage

I have a client who wants me to change her P&L so that it looks like she has a profit instead of the actual loss so that she can refinance her house.

Continue reading "Change P&L for Mortgage "

Dec 31, 2016

GST Administrative Adjustment

When you file sales tax with a balance of less than $2.00 the CRA states that a sales tax balance will not be charged (or refunded). On my Notice of Assessment

Continue reading "GST Administrative Adjustment"

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