Imputing HST on Receipts

by Marcie

Can I claim HST on receipts where the tax is not stated?

Can I claim HST on receipts where the tax is not stated?

I have several receipts (for a course, insurance (car and teaching) and for memberships) that do not state the HST I've paid but only the final amount paid.

Can I do the calculations of HST myself, or is there simply no tax being paid on these items?

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You need to know if an item attracts sales tax. Read more about this here.

From the sales tax exemption table (follow the link above) you can see that education and insurance services do NOT attract sales tax.

I explain that memberships are NOT tax deductible in my article on Limitations and Non-Deductible Expenses.

Stephen Thompson CA, CFP, TEP states in the book 167 Tax Tips for Canadian Small Business 2009 states that "to claim an input tax credit, you must have invoices or receipts containing certain information ... if the receipt or invoice for a purchase ... does not contain the proper information, the government can deny the input tax credit on the purchase."

What is the "certain information" he is speaking about?

Invoices should really meet CRA's criteria for what constitutes a legimate business receipt if you are going to be claiming ITCs. If you follow the link I just gave you, you'll also find a link to invoice requirement exceptions.

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Dec 23, 2011
No receipt at all
by: Anonymous

What to do when the cashier can't provide a receipt.

It has happened to me on some occasions before, such as when they're out of thermal paper in the cash register and can't reprint your receipt. I did indeed by all means incur a legitimate business expense but have no receipt to prove it.

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