Virtual Bookkeeping Services

by Sharon
(Calgary, AB)

Moving from a paper-based system to a virtual bookkeeping system

Moving from a paper-based system to a virtual bookkeeping system

Bookkeepers, what system do you use to work virtually? What advice do you have for this bookkeeper who is taking on her first virtual client?

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The Question.

My business operations are here in Calgary and I have just recently acquired a new client in British Columbia.

My client would like to have the books done weekly. I am trying to come up with the best way to approach this. The volume of records in a month is great as she has a retail/wholesale business. Lot's of little tape receipts, daily cash out reports, invoices, etc.

My thought was to have her scan in her daily records and file them by category in monthly file folders to keep them organized.

I would access the records weekly and print them off to input into the accounting system. For example I have a ccard directory where she would file all the scanned ccard receipts by month. This method I think would work but it would be a lot printing on my end for every receipt.

Because this is my first experience managing a set of books with distance between us this is the method I came up with. I know you work with clients remotely and thought I could ask you for your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you.

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Hi Sharon,

I developed my system over time and learned as I went along, adjusting it as required. If you would like a mentoring session, I'd be happy to help out.

Review my filing chats ... both the paperless and paper systems and modify the procedures to suit your situation. Make sure you read my chat on developing paperless statement procedures.

I do have one question for you though ... why do you feel you need to print a hardcopy of all the paperwork you are receiving paperlessly? Isn't one of the points of working virtually to reduce the physical paper handled?

Remember, Labor laws in British Columbia and WCB may be different than Alberta. You will also have to bring yourself up to speed with the PST rules as your client is in B.C.

I'll be interested in reading other bookkeeper's advice on working virtually.

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