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Hubdoc vs. LedgerDocs Features

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by L. Kenway BComm CPB Retired

Published October 2018  |  Edited June 15, 2024

Document Management Software Solutions That Integrate with QuickBooks OnlineCompare Hubdoc and LedgerDocs Features

Today I'm going to compare two Canadian document management apps - Hubdoc and LedgerDocs features. There are just so many document management options out there now but these two are popular in Canada.

Note: Xero purchased Hubdoc in November 2018 which is now integrated into the Xero workflow. Features may have changed. Their website says it is still available to subscribe to even without a Xero subscription.

Document management apps help you go paperless and (semi) automate some of the bookkeeping functions allowing you to work virtually and spend more time reviewing your clients' data.

Document management apps allow businesses to securely share files with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Compare Hubdoc and LedgerDocs Features




2 Factor Identification

User Friendly

QBO Integration

Audit Ready

Workflow Flexibility

Invite users

Unique email address for uploading

Mobile App

DropBox & Scansnap Integration



Fetching Limits

Fetching Schedules

Initial Fetch







Pushes and attaches document to transaction in QBO

Hubdoc sets structure and workflow


Yes-must add #Notes to email to capture client notes

Yes can tag but cannot add notes

Can upload documents from Scansnap; Will download documents to DropBox manually or automatically

No-uses various horizontal tabs making it difficult to find things at times; I often "lost" documents

Yes-Fetches a wide range of bank and vendor statements; connections often break


Preset; scrapes everything from an institution but you can hide accounts you don't want to see

Fetches back as far as is available**







Pushes and attaches document to transaction in QBO

Flexible-you can customize the filing cabinet; also has a Private area for storing sensitive information which is important if employees have access

Yes with no access to Private Folder area

Yes-content of email is placed in Notes area making it easy to copy and paste information when entering data

Yes can add notes and tags to documents

Can upload documents from DropBox or Scansnap

Yes-everything goes to the inbox

Yes-major Canadian bank and credit unions

Charges per statement pulled so each customer who subscribes gets a customized price based on the number of statements fetched

You select which accounts to pull and what day of the month you want each statement fetched

Only fetches current statements

* Fetching in ReceiptBank (rebranded to Dext), LedgerDocs and Hubdoc is very touchy as connections continually break due to banks and large corporations continually changing their security protocols. (I personally don't mind that they are trying to protect their customers' information.) Sometimes it really is just faster to go download the statements yourself.

** I would like it if you could request the start date of the fetch. Not all clients are behind on their paperwork. In November 2018, ReceiptBank (rebranded as Dext) began letting you choose whether you want initial fetch to be for the past 30 days or all the historical bills available.



Document Requests


Data Entry Box

QBO Memo Area

Push Customer Invoices to QBO

Push Supplier Bills and Receipts to QBO



Not too useful


Right hand side- have to scroll up and down to see entire contents if publishing to QBO

Hubdoc puts their name with  a reference to the invoice number making reading the G/L useless as you always have to drill  down to get more details about the entry


Yes-my pet peeve is Hubdoc calls bills invoices

Yes-must manually edit exchange rate in QBO as it pushes through at 1:1


Shows latest uploads and notes; Followup with companies who have not sent documents

Can schedule recurring or one-time document request to avoid late document retrieval

At the bottom-I would prefer it at the top so it is eye level to reduce the tendency to hunch over the key board as the day progresses

Left blank or you add the description in LedgerDocs when processing making it easy to review and read the G/L

Yes-must receive customer payments in QBO or let QBO bank feed find a match


Yes-must manually edit exchange rate in QBO as it pushes through at 1:1; currently it will not push USD bills to QBO but does push USD receipts

*** ReceiptBank (rebranded as Dext) pushes / publishes an exchange rate to QBO so it is possible to do


Canadian Sales Tax

Error Message

File Renaming




Document Viewer



Yes-I ran into trouble too often so generally just pushed document to QBO and corrected sales tax directly in QBO

Good and relevant to problem encountered

No predetermined

No-predetermined by Hubdoc

Just introduced a search feature in September 2018; don't know how robust it is

Yes but many documents "fail" and must be entered manually

Can turn (not save) documents if they arrived upside down

Billed in CAD; $25 per month per company; affordable fixed pricing for unlimited users and transactions


Yes-it handles sales really well; choose inclusive or exclusive tax when entering of data; no problem handling PST

Messages are often too general or not related to actual problem; after awhile you start to have an idea where to look for the problem; typing problem into the chat screen gets support assistance quickly

Yes-LedgerDocs also suggests a file name after you have posted a transaction to QBO

Yes-Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest, A to Z, Z to A

Yes very powerful; searches include notes and even finds duplicate document!

No but repopulates last data entry for a customer or supplier to data entry is reduced over time; partial OCR is in the works

Cannot turn documents that were scanned upside down

Billed in CAD; $10-$14 per month per company depending on plan; bank fetching charges are extra; unlimited users

QuickBooks Online is terrific for service-based businesses. One of QBO's features is it integrates with apps. Selecting the right app for your situation ensures the app actually increases your productivity and doesn't eat away at your bottom line. Document management software such as Hubdoc and LedgerDocs features help improve your efficiency. 

If getting documents from your clients is your pain point ...
If you need a cost effective solution ...


Hubdoc - LedgerDocs Features Summary

I've used both of these apps. The one that is best suited for you will depend on your individual circumstances and the workflow you have designed. For example, Hubdoc may be the better choice initially if you are doing backwork for a business that is years behind on their bookkeeping. Once caught up, LedgerDocs might be the better choice.

I switched everything to LedgerDocs in September 2018 because I preferred LedgerDocs workflow over Hubdoc's workflow ... but I gave up OCR (which had a high failure rate for many of my clients' documents) and fetching of some bank and credit card statements as well as utility and supplier statements.

ReceiptBank (rebranded as Dext) Extraction subscription tier has vendor and PayPal fetching; their Streamline subscription tier will include (maybe already does)  bank fetching.

If you want to work virtually and be paperless, document management software should be part of your bookkeeping workflow. Compare Hubdoc and LedgerDocs features to see which app is better suited to your specific needs.

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Comparison of Hubdoc and LedgerDocs Features


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